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CROFTON, Md. — On January 30th at around 4:00 PM, police responded to a 911 call in Crofton, Maryland. The caller was a woman named Mikel Quarles, who was having a major domestic dispute with her 20-year-old son, Dyonta Quarles Jr.

The incident ended with the unarmed man being shot and killed, and now his family has filed a civil rights lawsuit.

According to the seven-count complaint filed in the U.S. District Court of Maryland, the family claims that Anne Arundel Police Officers violated Quarles’s Constitutional Rights.

The Anne Arundel Police Department released the bodycam footage of the incident, which reveals what happened that fateful night.

The footage shows police entering Dyonta’s room and ordering him to get on the ground. He is initially compliant until he gets up and attacks the police officers.

The officers responded by using a Taser on him, which was ineffective.

Officer J. Ricci suffered the worst of the assault. He is punched in the face by the young man and ends up suffering a brain injury because of it.

The shots are fired after Quarles tries to bite Ricci’s finger while being subdued.

During the fight, viewers can make out Ricci shouting, “He bit my * finger off! Shoot him! Shoot him! Shoot this ***! Shoot him!”

Ricci was rushed to the hospital to be treated for his injuries afterward.

The investigation and court case are currently ongoing.

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  1. He was not “unarmed” he had teeth and a fist which can do great harm to another human being. If the “family” wins the lawsuit, should the mother, (who called the police) get rich from having a 20 year old son who would cause a “major domestic dispute” with her?

  2. Am I missing something? What civil rights were violated? His own mother could not control him so she called the police for help. He attacked the officers and they protected themselves. What a waste of time in our all ready overwhelmed court system.

  3. You people are sick, Thats somebody kid “Shoot that m**f**” “Shoot him” “He bit me” Grown a** man crying about getting bit so he has to murder somebody

  4. Bootlicking thugs think they have the right to murder anyone who arent scared of them, Probably why police officers have the highest rate of domestic abuse over any other occupation.

  5. a life was lost. compensations need to be made. the mother asked for help in de-escalating the situation before something bad happened and instead had her son killed. but of course, he’s black right? so it doesn’t matter if he dies, he’s simply of no value to you sick people.

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