Faulty HVAC Possible Cause Of Overnight Structure Fire In Oakville
Faulty HVAC Possible Cause Of Overnight Structure Fire In Oakville

OAKVILLE, Md. – On January 27, at approximately 11:58 p.m., fire, and rescue personnel responded to the structure fire in the 40500 block of Medleys Lane.

Crews arrived on the scene, finding a one-story single-family home with fire through the roof and throughout the attic area. Engine 72 laid a supply line into the scene deploying a handline initiating fire attack.  

Truck 7 arrived on the scene and went to work opening up for the Engine Company. Engine 72, Engine 23, Truck 7, and Truck 1 operated inside the structure while all other units either staged or supplied the fire ground.

Tanker 14 arrived on the scene supplementing the continuous water supply while its crew was directed to assist with opening up for the first arriving engine company.

Truck 1 arrived on the scene and was advised to keep the apparatus on Loveville Rd due to limited access. Truck 1s crew was tasked with opening up the attic area checking for extension and conducting overhaul.

Crews found fire throughout the attic space and extinguished the same. The fire was brought under control within 15 minutes of arrival.

All searches proved negative throughout the house and the assignment was scaled back to units from Station 7 and 2.

The State Fire Marshal has been notified and requested to the scene for an investigation.

Units remained on the scene performing overhaul and assisting the Maryland State Fire Marshal on the scene. The cause of the fire was accidental, possibly a malfunction in the HVAC system.

Firefighters operated on the scene for roughly 1 hour before returning to service. No injuries have been reported.

We will continue to provide updates as they become available.

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Photo’s courtesy of the Hollywood Volunteer Fire Department

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  1. I’ll just say it. There was no need for Truck 1 or Truck 7. I get it- the fire departments down here get a bunch of taxpayer money and have to have the biggest toys, but someone on the scene clearly should have been able to determine that TWO ladder trucks certainly weren’t needed and a true waste of resources. I’m glad we have our volunteers but seriously- how much equipment do you really need for a (estimating) 1000-1200 sq ft house? If you need more firefighters, put them in a squad and send them. If someone couldn’t tell that two ladder trucks weren’t needed, I’d have to question their decision making capabilities.

    1. It said they needed continues water supply, you know how fire trucks work right you should probably look up. Also see if that area toy can find by block has working fire hydrants. If anything we’re to happen to your home I hope and you would be thankful 2 showed up

      1. First, work on your grammar and spelling. Second, my home has sprinklers. Third, I know how fire trucks work and they only needed engines and pumpers. Calling out TWO ladder trucks was completely a waste of resources, especially looking at the structure.

  2. Good work first responders!
    When I see a picture of cardboard boxes (4th picture) placed in the furnace room, right up against the water heater(!), it tells me that there aren’t any smart people living there.

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