Annapolis, MD – Governor Hogan has worked tirelessly to Change Maryland for the better.  The State ranks second in the rate of private sector job growth and third in the rate of job creation!

Maryland’s unemployment rate is the lowest in a decade!  The State has improved its overall economic performance and moved from 49th to seventh in the United States. 

The Governor said he would open the state for business and job creation, but there is still much work to be done.  Regulations are hampering the ability of businessmen and women to operate freely from constant government interference.  Moreover, excessive taxation continues to discourage new startups.

We need to elect representatives who promote economic opportunity and job creation.

Of Note: New State Laws

As of Oct. 1, new laws covering a wide array of issues have taken effect. I voted for each of the bills below and look forward to working with my colleagues to pass necessary legislation.  Likewise, I will continue to kill legislation that hurts Marylanders.

Parental Consent (HB 1093/SB 433) – Authorizes parents or guardians to apply, on  behalf of minors, for certified inpatient or intensive outpatient alcohol or drug abuse treatment programs.

Public Integrity Act (HB 879) – The state’s first ethics bill in over a decade mandates that lawmakers disclose any conflicts of interest and limits their advocacy for private business.

Amber’s Law (HB 1163/SB 976) – Permits victims of domestic abuse to request that the offender use electric monitoring devices to track their location and provide alerts.

Rape Kits (HB 255/SB 349) – Requires a hospital or advocacy center to give rape kits to the police within 30 days of the victim’s exam and prohibits police from destroying or disposing of sexual assault evidence within 20 years of collection.

Mark Fisher, a Republican, represents District 27C in the Maryland House of Delegates.