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LEXINGTON PARK, Md. — On the second episode of Student Athlete Spotlight, Aaron Brady talks with high school football coaches Justin Cunningham from Leonardtown, Gary Wynn from St. Mary’s Ryken, Tyrone Bell from Great Mills, and Steve Crounse from Patuxent about what it is like to be a coach, expectations set for students, and what parents can do to support the team.

“This is all about bringing people together and getting people excited about sports in Southern Maryland,” says Brady. 

One of the biggest contributions to success is gaining the support of students and their parents. The coaches go around the table sharing tips for a successful season. 

“They always say you shouldn’t have tunnel vision, but sometimes parents need to have tunnel vision, and not see everything around them,” says Coach Wynn. “Everybody’s story is different. I firmly believe that when you do the right things, you’re going to end up where you belong. But your story and your journey getting there is going to be different, it’s not going to look like the other kids, and that’s okay.” 

Coaching is more than just coaching a game. These coaches are mentors for our students in all aspects of life. 

“I tell our parents, trust us. We put so much into this, our staff puts so much into this. We’re here for your kids. I want them to come back in 15 years and give me a hug and say, ‘I love you, coach I remember this,” says Coach Cunningham. 

The Student Athlete Spotlight invites every school to come together as one team, on and off the field. The coaches end the episode with remarks about why these talks build community. 

“It doesn’t matter where you go, the bottom line is where you end,” Coach Bell said. “If they understand that we’re all in this for the right thing, and we’re all in this together, having that support is great. I can still have a relationship with a kid that doesn’t go to my school, and that’s what’s important.”  

“This kind of stuff, promoting our kids and our athletes is great. Maybe they won’t have to promote themselves as much,” Coach Crounse said. 

On the next episode of Student Athlete Spotlight, Aaron Brady talks one-on-one with Coach Steve Crounse from Patuxent High School. 

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Student Athlete Spotlight features interviews with local high school sports coaches and students.

ABOUT THE HOST: Coach Brady has been coaching since 1999 after a brief cup of coffee with the NY Giants in the NotForLong League. During the last 22 seasons, he has spent 8 years in the college ranks at Duke, Georgetown, Mansfield, and Clarion University respectively, and has been a head high school coach for 14 seasons.  

As a high school scholar-athlete, he garnered 10 varsity letters in football, basketball, and baseball and was All-State in two sports. Over the years, Aaron has coached baseball, basketball, girl’s soccer, women’s football, and men’s football.

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