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WASHINGTON – As the Washington Commanders move forwards with their new name and new brand, old problems have hit the surface again. Tiffani A. Johnston, who is a St. Mary’s native and former Washington employee, has spoken out against the alleged misconduct of the team’s owner, Daniel Snyder.

Johnston is a Chopticon High School graduate and a former cheerleader with the football team previously known as the Washington Redskins. Johnson also had a job with the contractor Booz Allen Hamilton and had been offered a position in the marketing department. After eight years of reflection, Johnston has expressed one of her regrets and source of trauma.

During a congressional meeting with the House Oversight and Reform Committee, Johnston told the story of a dinner with Snyder. At the meal, Snyder placed his hand on her thigh without consent, and she removed it. Fearful of losing her job, she kept quiet and did not cause a scene.

Then, Snyder placed his hand on her lower back while pushing her into the limo. When she mentioned the occasion, Snyder’s lawyer joined in and said it was “a bad idea.”

“I learned that the only reason Dan Snyder removed his hand from my back and stopped pushing me towards his limo is because his attorney intervened and said, ‘Dan, Dan, this is a bad idea,'” Johnston told lawmakers.

 Additionally, a letter from Jason Friedman, a former executive for the Washington team, agreed with Johnston’s limousine story. Meanwhile, five other former employees mentioned the workplace is filled with sexual harassment and verbal abuse.

However, Snyder denies all claims.

“[I] unequivocally deny having participated in any such conduct, at any time and with respect to any person,” Snyder said in a statement.

This would not be the first time we have heard of allegations against an NFL team, specifically Washington.

Since these allegations are so frequent, the House Oversight Committee has asked the NFL to release all individuals involved in the allegations from nondisclosure agreements and documents and communications obtained in the investigation.

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  1. And this is exactly why women don’t come forward. TOO MANY people accuse them of lying without any proof.

  2. She doesn’t need the payout…money has NOTHING to do with it. Sometimes people should experience the consequences of their actions…odd idea for you, huh?

  3. Or, perhaps, Anonymous, Snyder was doing what rich men have done forever….taking advantage of their wealth and privilege and doing whatever they feel like doing. When you have this many people reporting the same abuses, kind of makes you think that maybe something is rotten here. Weinstein is rotting in a cell. He said it was all untrue. Maybe you’re just hyper loyal to a guy who has destroyed a once proud franchise!

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