Participants at Greenwell Foundation’s Drive Thru Holiday Horse Event held December 2nd.

HOLLYWOOD, Md. – They came for Pony Rides, they came to kiss a pony in a Santa hat, they came to frolic with the goats and to tye-die a Greenwell T-shirt.  They came to eat great food, to take their family’s Holiday photo with Onyx in front of the tree.  They came to laugh and celebrate being together once again — carefully and safely.

They came because — happily — they could! 

Over 600 of our favorite friends and neighbors came to the Greenwell Foundation Barn at Greenwell State Park for our 4th annual Holiday Horse Open House last Saturday.  Now the biggest fundraiser on the Greenwell Foundation calendar, “…proceeds from the event, and from gifts given by our generous Friends of the Holiday Horse, are used for the care and feeding of our Hero Herd of Horses and Ponies”, Explained Jolanda Campbell, Greenwell’s Executive Director.  “It costs over $40,000 to support our animals each year, so this is a big help!”

The Holiday Horse Open House comes on the heels of Greenwell’s Drive Thru Holiday Horse Event, where we hosted our friends with disabilities, and those medically at-risk.  Guests arrived last Thursday by car, and by bus, and spent a wonderful afternoon with Greenwell’s staff, horses and ponies dressed for the season.   “We started this event last year when we couldn’t host the Holiday Horse Open House at the Barn,” said Board Member Frannie Bostich, “and it was so successful, we realized that we needed to continue it for our many neighbors and friends who weren’t able to attend the larger event Saturday.”

Greenwell Foundation Board member Usha Iawara with Oynx at the Holiday Horse Open House on December 4th.

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