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LEXINGTON PARK, Md. — On the podcast series, Chris and Mark often ‘Get Real’ about touchy subjects, and talking about media influence is not off the table. 

Mainstream media outlets recently covered Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter. The news sparked a conversation between Chris Hill and Mark Frisco, the hosts of “Get Real with Chris & Mark,” about whether Musk is a leader or the “devil,” as some media users have called him. 

“If he wasn’t a leader, we wouldn’t know his name,” said Mark. “So, he’s leading us right now, and we don’t even realize it. We are talking about him, and that’s half the battle. On top of that, to accomplish the stuff that he’s accomplished, absolutely insane. Literary out of this world insane.” 

Not everyone staying up to date with the latest Twitter news agrees with Mark on his viewpoint of Musk. During the events, the media was filled with mixed emotions about the subject. In the episode, Chris and Mark discuss how media opinions affect their own. 

“We don’t know these people. We don’t know them personally. You just hear what the media tells you about them, and you kind of go with that,” Chris remarked. 

Touching on some of the adverse opinions on the recent changes to Twitter, Mark asked why the media is full of negativity. 

“We’re constantly spreading negativity. And you want to know the worst thing about it. It’s not even the media’s fault. You know whose fault it is? Yours, and mine, and everyone else’s who gets on and reads it. We read it, we click on it, we feed on that negativity, and it sucks,” Mark explained.

So, are we controlling the media? Or is the media-controlling us? Chris and Mark might not have all the answers, but they wrapped up the podcast by sending out the message to fill yourself with gratitude this holiday season instead of focusing on hate. 

“It really does put into motion that any person can be the change. You can be the change for your world. You can have an impact on someone and not even know it. You don’t have to recognize it, just be the best you, you can be,” Chris said. 

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  1. YOU control the media/information you consume. More importantly, YOU decide whether or not you read anything beyond what you are told. If all you do is watch Fox or MSNBC and never follow up, never learn, never pay for actual news, all you will be fed is propaganda and all you will become is a pawn with little to no actual knowledge.

  2. Yeah, you have to pick your press carefully. The press gets to decide whAT IT publishes, it whatever form. The press has the ability to withhold information, to suppress. If someone is loyal to a press, it does have the ability to control.

  3. while we’re on the subject of press\ publishing, there is plenty of censorship from different sources. Gone are the days of banned books, but they have been replaced with something else. If you consider a search engine to be the press, then search engines are capable of censorship, by putting the results you’re looking for so far down the list that you won’t bother to look, or not publishing them alltogether. It is concerning that google is responsible for over 70% of the worlds searches. There are times when I’m listening to the radio + for a while, there is silence, its either technical difficulties or censorship.

    1. Loosen up the tinfoil and actually look stuff up before posting conspiracy theory gunk. Google processes some 8.5 BILLION searches per day. It’s only function is to produce results that are most relevant to your search in the shortest period of time possible. If it failed to do that, people would not use it.

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