Delegate Jeffrie Euguene Long

HUNTINGTOWN, Md. – On April 4, 2023, Delegate Jeffrie Euguene Long Jr., 26, allegedly entered a residence at the 1000 block of Stephen Drive through an unlocked door without permission.

Long reportedly was holding a metal pipe and was threatening a 68-year-old victim along with a 61-year-old witness.

According to court documents, the victim stated that they were “in fear for her life and was afraid Long was going to kill her.”

Long reportedly stated to the victim “Keep my name off your mouth or I’m going to put you six feet under.”

Long then fled the scene in a Mercedes-Benz.

According to the documents, officials tried to make contact with Long at his Huntingtown residence. Upon arrival, the deputies allegedly noticed Long’s Mercedes in the driveway of the residence. They then made contact with an unidentified female, who was reportedly on the phone with Long. The female was reportedly uncooperative and told the officers that they couldn’t speak with Long because he was in session. The female also stated that if they wanted to contact Long, that they would have to contact the Anne Arundel County Sheriff’s Office.

A criminal summons was reportedly issued on April 5, 2023, with Long being charged with home invasion and first-degree assault.

A district court hearing on the charges is scheduled for May 22, 2023 at 10:30 a.m. Long will be represented by Brennan McKenna & Lawler, Chtd.

Long was elected to the Maryland House of Delegates in November 2022 and has been in the position since January 11, 2023.

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  1. That unidentified woman should be charged with hindering. Who the heck does she think she is?

  2. I was thinking about going back to this church this situation has since changed my mind and heart. I don’t want to be under someone like this.

  3. He has no right to try to take anyone’s life. He is not God… I will never recommend communion church to anyone again. He needs to take his own advice and ask God for forgiveness and get his life right

  4. I just attended communion church in Huntingtown. On of the members invited me. This man prayed for me and preach a sermon and shouted and dance and jumped around. I will never go back to this church again now that I know about this. I was going to go this Sunday coming but I don’t want or need someone laying hands on me that living one way and put on a good show for the church and trying to hurt a senior citizen or any person. I think Jeff needs to go up. People are going to talk about about him look what they did to Jesus. I am going to call my friend that goes to this church and talk to him about finding a new church. Jeff is toxic and seems to think he can do what he wants and breaks law just like a lot of people that are in office and in a high position.

  5. Interesting that in another article floating in the news media…It was reported
    When asked if Long was home, the woman stated “You know he’s a Delegate right.” She was told Deputies needed to speak to him about an incident that occurred, and she stated to officers they couldn’t speak to him because he was in session, and if they wanted to speak with him, they needed to contact the Anne Arundel County Sheriff’s

    “You know he’s a Delegate “,, so is that suppose to mean something ?
    The Title appears to have given the woman whom answered the door and Jones swollen heads and inflated ego’s.
    It comes down to one thing … what ever the situation Jones was involved in with these people which now does not mater …Jones was behaving like a vigilante .
    Vigilantes have no place in democracy and no place as a Delegate

    1. Vigilantes don’t belong in a constitutional republic either. FYI USA is a constitutional republic…

      Mr. Jones felt disrespected and went with his natural impulse which is violence . Can’t fight what comes naturally..

  6. They smile at your face all the time they want to take your place the back stabbers back stabbers

  7. “Keep my name off your mouth or I’m going to put you six feet under.”
    Mr. Delicate (delegate) is very lucky that whomever he was threating, while holding the metal pipe, wasn’t armed. It could have turned out much differently.

  8. My bet is on him walking. The victims will either recant, or the charges will be downgraded to ” using harsh language” He’s a minority, and a MD delegate. The senior Dems will intervene, and it’s over. Politics as usual…

  9. So , he’s a preacher and studied psychology ….Long and that woman have inflated ego’s . You know he’s a Delegate …..Give me a break !
    I recall a black county preacher telling the cop ” you know who I am , I’m a preacher” that was on that cop show filmed in Calvert…
    Step down Delegate ,,your are unfit to represent…

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