CALIFORNIA, MD — Those who walk the thin blue line were able to swim in clear, blue waters at a recent event to celebrate their community service.

The St. Mary’s County Elks Lodge #2092 hosted their first “Back the Blue” pool party in California for those involved in local law enforcement and their families Aug. 24 and 31.

The event opened after the president of the Lodge, Fred Crum, offered words of welcome, appreciation and support to those present.

Law enforcement officials usually work long hours and have to experience difficult situations as they help the community through emergency situations, said Crum.

“A second date was added to assure that work schedules would not be an impediment to officers and families attending the events,” said Crum.

The guests and their families enjoyed foods such as barbecue and pizza, prepared by the volunteer members of the lodge. A volunteer deejay was on site to provide music while swimming.

The Lodge has a long history of community service and support for local organizations, said Crum.

“We back the Blue, as we proudly support the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office, the Maryland State Police, and Calvert County Sheriff’s Office,” Crum said.

The lodge also supports groups such as the Charlotte Hall Veterans’ Home, Boy Scouts of America, Special Olympics and numerous other charities.

For more information about St. Mary’s County Elks Lodge #2092, check out their website.

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