Leonardtown, MD — A Waldorf man was sentenced March 19 in St. Mary’s County Circuit Court for distribution of the prescription drug oxycodone. Trevor Irwin, 28, (pictured, left) was sentenced to 18 months in jail by Judge Michael Stamm.

Irwin pled guilty to the indictment charge of distribution of narcotics Dec. 12 of last year. The judge sentenced him to a total of four years, the maximum for the offense, but suspended all but the 18 months, which will be spent in the St. Mary’s County Detention Center.

Irwin’s sentencing was originally scheduled for Feb. 9 but his attorney, John Slade IV reported that his client apparently was in a drug rehabilitation program in Richmond, VA. The judge ordered a bench warrant for the arrest of Irwin who eventually turned himself in to the detention center.

Irwin apologized to the judge for being outside the area and not notifying his probation agent. The judge chastised Irwin, saying all he would have had to do is notify the court.

Slade said his client was a drug and alcohol addict. “He is taking really positive steps to address them,” he said. Slade added that Irwin was in a serious accident last year and that has been a wake-up call for him. As the result of the accident he had a steel rod inserted in his leg. “He still has recurring nightmares,” Slade said of the effects of his drinking and driving.

Slade asked that Irwin be given credit for the time he spent in the rehabilitation program in Richmond, but Judge Stamm denied it because he had done it without notifying the court. Stamm said there were good programs in Maryland that he could have attended.

Judge Stamm observed that Irwin had been the beneficiary of a number of breaks from the court in the past. “You present well,” Stamm said, “but you have been given so many chances,” including three dropped charges. He said Irwin had addiction problems long before his accident.

The judge did authorize that Irwin be granted work release for his current job. He ordered five years of supervised probation once he is released.

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