Maryland Municipal league

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – The Maryland Municipal League (MML) Board of Directors, which represents 157 cities and towns and two special taxing districts in Maryland, has unanimously approved its legislative priority for the 2023 Maryland General Assembly.

In reviewing the new legislative agenda, MML is placing a strong emphasis on creating an option for municipalities to establish their own police accountability boards and administrative charging committees.

An MML priority for the second consecutive year, this effort seeks to address a specific issue in the State’s 2021 police reform package that requires each county to have a police accountability board and administrative charging committee to review and adjudicate complaints against all law enforcement officers that operate within that county.

Currently, these disciplinary bodies are mandated to represent the makeup of the county and, rather uniquely, have oversight responsibility for reviewing complaints against municipal officers. There is no requirement for municipal representation on these county-created entities.

“This is a very important issue for all municipalities with law enforcement responsibilities,” said Gregg Dotson, MML Legislative Committee Chairperson and North Beach Councilmember. Dotson added, “Municipal residents should be represented in conversations about potential officer discipline in their cities and towns.”

Additionally, MML is focused on strategic initiatives that include the expansion of municipal revenue sources to alleviate the dependency upon property taxes and state policies that promote clear, effective, and transparent communications with residents.

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