LEONARDTOWN, Md. – Congratulations to Laura L. and Lindsay S., our January 2022 SPIRIT Award winners! These associates were nominated for going above and beyond in their roles at our hospital.

Nomination for Laura, Perioperative Services ► “Laura was called in to first assist with a C-section during night shift. After the surgery, our unit continued to be very busy. A patient in labor requested an epidural, but her nurse was simultaneously caring for another individual. Laura, with her experience assisting with spinal and epidural placement in the OR, volunteered to assist the doctor. Her help meant the patient experienced their desired pain relief while freeing up the labor nurse to continue helping others.”

Nomination for Lindsay, Women’s Health & Family Birthing Center ► “A premature newborn recently required resuscitation and a higher level of care, but flights were all canceled due to poor weather. For seven hours, Lindsay, the baby’s primary nurse, never left the infant’s side. I believe it was thanks to Lindsay’s outstanding care that the baby was kept stable until a safe transfer could take place. I can’t say enough about her composure and how hard she worked for this child.”

Join us in congratulating Laura and Lindsay for this well-deserved honor! 

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