Queen Brandun
Queen Brandun

ST CHARLES, Md. – On January 29 at 11:11 p.m., patrol officers initiated a traffic stop in the area of Leonardtown Road and Mattawoman Beantown Road after observing a speeding violation.

During the stop, officers learned the driver did not have a driver’s license. Further, a gun with an extended magazine was observed in the area of the driver’s seat. Brandun Kristian Queen, 25, of Oxon Hill, was arrested without incident.

A semi-automatic 9mm “ghost gun” – meaning a gun that lacks a serial number – with a 30 round, fully loaded magazine was recovered in addition to suspected marijuana.

Queen was charged with possession of a loaded firearm, illegally transporting a firearm, and other related charges.

On January 31, Queen was released from the detention center by a district court commissioner after posting ten percent of a $2,000 bond. The investigation is ongoing.

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  1. Drugs & illegal gun = $200 and he is back out to repeat. Thanks judge!
    True effectiveness of the FEE State’s strict gun laws (for law abiding citizens ONLY!!!).

  2. LET’S GO BRANDUN! But stay in Oxon Hill, will you? So, if I carry $2,000, I can beat the system and carry? COOL!

  3. Let’s go, Brandon. Straight to jail. Such a shame, such an intelligent-looking fellow. Probably a student at Hopkins getting an advanced degree in criminal justice.

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