PRINCE FREDERICK, Md. – Are you ready to welcome a bundle of joy, energy, and affection into your life? Look no further than Chuck, a delightful and very handsome 9-month-old cattle dog/terrier mix who is eagerly waiting to become a cherished member of your family.

Personality Traits: Chuck is the epitome of playfulness and friendliness. With his tail wagging and a perpetual smile on his face, he radiates positivity and enthusiasm. His playful nature knows no bounds, and he’ll be your constant source of amusement as he explores the world around him. Whether it’s chasing after a ball, engaging in a game of tug-of-war, or simply romping around in the yard, Chuck is always up for a good time.

Social Butterfly: Chuck is a social butterfly who thrives on human interaction and the company of other dogs. His love for furry companions is evident in his excitement when meeting new friends wherever he goes. He’s well-mannered and respectful, making him a popular playmate among both humans and dogs alike.

Cattle Dog/Terrier Mix: Combining the intelligence of a cattle dog with the spirit of a terrier, Chuck brings a unique blend of traits to the table. His intelligence makes training a breeze, and he’s always eager to learn new tricks and commands. Chuck’s terrier side ensures that he’s always ready for an adventure, embracing life with a fearless and adventurous spirit.

Ideal Home: Chuck would thrive in a home with an active family or individual who enjoys outdoor activities, walks, and playtime. Whether you’re hiking in the mountains, going for a jog, or simply exploring local parks, Chuck will be your enthusiastic and loyal companion every step of the way. Chuck would also thrive with another furry companion in the home.

Chuck is dog of the week! Big thanks to Prince Frederick Chrysler for sponsoring this program by generously paying adoption fees each week for our featured pup!

Click here to submit adoption application for Chuck or any of our other available dogs Application.

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