HUNTINGTOWN, Md. – Lisa Grenis is a retired educator of Calvert County Public Schools (CCPS). She graduated with a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education from California University of Pennsylvania. During her 26-year career, she was a learning specialist and an active parent volunteer.

Now, the 59-year-old is looking to take the next step and join the Board of Education.

“If elected I will help build the educational system dedicated to academic excellence, bring fiscal responsibility to the Board, and be a strong voice and advocate for our parents, students, teachers, and support staff. This includes creating a safe and welcoming learning environment and a common-sense approach to what is being taught in the classroom,” Grenis told

Grenis has had a long list of accomplishments throughout her educational career. She has served as supervising teacher for student teachers, served as a grade-level team leader, organized academic after-school programs for students and parents, was former President of the Southern Maryland Reading Counsel, was a presenter at local and state teacher conferences, nominated for Teacher of the Year by Huntingtown Elementary staff, and co-authored article for the Literacy Issues and Practices journal.

Grenis believes the two most important issues facing CCPS are getting students back on track following the pandemic and ensuring higher transparency between the school system and parents.

“Following the pandemic, we need to make sure our students are academically back on track. At the state and county level, our scores are down. It is more important now than ever to ensure every student is excelling in the basics and on a path to pursue their interest in either college or technical training,” Grenis explained. “Secondly, full transparency across our school system is critical for parents, teachers, and our students; there should be no surprises in the curriculum being taught. This also means ensuring learning materials are age-appropriate and without personal and political points of view.”

If elected, Grenis would like to change the policy that limits public comments to only 10 speakers. She would also openly share state-required and recommended curriculum with parents, prioritizing fiscal responsibility and recommending that the Board conduct quarterly budget review meetings with the County Commissioners.

“If you want a voice that puts our students first and is a champion for parents, teachers, and administrators, it would be an honor to earn your vote,” says Grenis. “I represent a common-sense approach to education, belief in a curriculum that cultivates high standards by our students and educators, and a school system where everyone can thrive.”

If you would like to learn more about Grenis and her campaign, you can visit her website here

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