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LEONARDTOWN, Md. — Mike Hewitt[R], a 69-year-old county commissioner, is seeking to retain his seat once again as County Commissioner of District 2.

“I bring a strong background in business and community involvement to the Commissioner job,” Hewitt said. “My goals are to improve the quality of life for all residents, keep our taxes low whenever possible, and to hold myself to a high standard of conduct while in office. In my personal life, I have worked to be a model for my family, my friends, and our community.”

Hewitt has lived in St. Mary’s County for almost 60 years. He has been married to his wife Elaine for over 45 years, and they have lived in Hollywood, Maryland, for 43 years.

He was first attracted to public service when the state legislature changed the way the Board of Education members (BOE) were chosen in 1996, Hewitt said. 

He has been involved with public education issues since 1989 when his children were in 1st and 2nd grade. 

He earned a seat on BOE in 1996. Before serving on the BOE for four years, he served on the St Mary’s County Planning Commission for just under two years.

After serving on the BOE, he was appointed to the St. Mary’s County Board of Appeals, where he served for five years. He has been a County Commissioner for the past seven years and ten months and is looking to serve a third and final term. 

“My life experiences and service to my community are reasons people should vote for me,” Hewitt said. “I have a deep background in business, finances, public education, land use issues, and critical areas rules and regulations.”

If he continues his reign as a county commissioner, Hewitt plans to tackle the inflation and high costs of living plaguing St. Mary’s county residents. Hewitt said he would also like to focus his efforts on crime and safety.

“Inflation and the high cost of living in St Mary’s County are one of the most important issues facing residents,” Hewitt said. “County government needs to find ways to lower the impacts on all residents but most importantly, the elderly, poor and those on a fixed income.”

Hewitt stated the hardest part of being a County Commissioner will always be to reach the public’s expectations with limited powers.

“The hardest part is serving the residents to the best of their expectations given the limitations imposed by state and federal laws and mandates,” Hewitt said. “The single most important job a commissioner has is producing a budget that meets the needs of the citizens within the current tax rates and revenue streams of the county.”

For more information on Hewitt and his plans, visit https://www.electmikehewitt.com/.

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