Municipal Election Info

(I): Denotes incumbent

Bolded name: Denotes winner

Bowie City Council ElectionVote CountElection: Nov. 7
Candidate Name Candidate Office*
Tim Adams (I)4,821Mayor
Troy S. Stewart1,758Mayor
Dennis Brady30.88%At-Large Councilmember
Jarryd Hawkins (I)17.14%At-Large Councilmember
Wanda Rogers34.37%At-Large Councilmember
Preston W. Thomas, III17.46%At-Large Councilmember
Jenmaire Dewberry27.57%District 1 Councilmember
Michael Estève (I)72.43%District 1 Councilmember
Lisa Martin15.18%District 2 Councilmember
Monica Roebuck25.57%District 2 Councilmember
Dufour Woolfley (I)59.19%District 2 Councilmember
Babatunde Alegbeleye13.60%District 3 Councilmember
Iyamide House38.63%District 3 Councilmember
Clinton Truesdale (I)47.59%District 3 Councilmember
Robert W. Day, Sr.38.49%District 4 Councilmember
Craig M. Muckle10.60%District 4 Councilmember
Roxy Ndebumadu (I)50.69%District 4 Councilmember
  *Voters may select up to two At Large Councilmembers.
Greenbelt City Council Election**Election Held: Nov. 7
Mayor: Emmett V. Jordan (I)14.08%
Mayor Pro Tempore: Kristen L. K. Weaver(I)12.13%
Ric Gordon (I)12%
Danielle P. McKinney11.01%
Silke I. Pope (I)11.22%
Jennifer A. Pompi11.71%
Rodney M. Roberts (I)9.32%
Matthew A. Inzeo7.55%
James R. Whipple4.53%
Moses N. Sekatawa3.57%
William A. Orleans2.48%
**Voters may select up to seven Councilmembers. 
Top Candidate Wins Mayoral Race, Runner Up Wins Mayor Pro Tempore.
College Park ElectionVotes ReceivedElection Held: Nov. 5
Candidate Candidate Office*
S.M. Fazlul Kabir (I)1217Mayor
Kamthorn G. Clary145District 1 Councilmember
Bryan Haddad167District 1 Councilmember
Jacob T. Hernandez266District 1 Councilmember
Alan Y. Hew (I)322District 1 Councilmember
Brian J. Roan160District 1 Councilmember
Llatetra Brown Esters (I)163District 2 Councilmember
Susan L. Whitney (I)164District 2 Councilmember
A. Perez Abbott57District 3 Councilmember
Stuart M. Adams (I)305District 3 Councilmember
John B. Rigg, III (I)327District 3 Councilmember
Maria E. Mackie (I)123District 4 Councilmember
Denise C. Mitchell (I)121District 4 Councilmember
Ballot Question: 
Mayoral terms of four years, replacing two-year terms
 *Voters may select up to two Councilmembers per district.
Laurel City ElectionVotes ReceivedElection Held: Nov. 7
Candidate Candidate Office*
Seeta Deonauth42Mayor
Martin Mitchell714Mayor
Brencis Smith184Mayor
Keith Sydnor1095Mayor
Sophady Uong129Mayor
Christine M. Johnson940At Large Councilmember
Enrico McCleary II347At Large Councilmember
Adrian G. Simmons764At Large Councilmember
Carl DeWalt (I)421Ward 1 Councilmember
James Kole (I)525Ward 1 Councilmember
Connie Lucas151Ward 1 Councilmember
Stephen J. Wallace366Ward 1 Councilmember
Kyla Clark596 Ward 2 Councilmember
Melvin E. Lindsley467Ward 2 Councilmember
Thomas Matthews Jr.306Ward 2 Councilmember
Jeffrey Mills516Ward 2 Councilmember
  *Voters may select up to two Councilmembers per district.
Upper Marlboro Commission Election***Election Held: Nov. 7
Candidate NameVote Percentage
Sarah Franklin (I)14.06%
Charles Colbert (I)13.64%
Derrick Brooks12.66%
Karen Lott (I)12.38%
Alma Prevatte11.95%
Linda Pennoyer (I)10.69%
Patti Callicott9.56%
Thomas Hanchett (I)9.28%
Joe Hourcle5.2%
***Voters may select up to five Commissioners. 

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  1. There are state ballot questions and county (local) ballot questions. They should be done the same way Primarys are done. They should appear on the Primary 1st in order to gauge support. It would give both sides an idea of whats going- on. Considering the impact they have, the change they make, it should be 2 chances instead of 1. Its an extraordinary election to have a ballot question.

  2. some countries handle election integrity / making sure 1 person/ 1 vote by having those that vote dip their finger in ink. They have to show their hands before they vote.

  3. are we going to get the turn- out? Are we going to hear about the turn- out? The voters that don’t do their homework should consider leaving the ballot/ office blank instead of filling it in all the way.

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