Proposed Navy Golf Course Expansion In Annapolis Faces Backlash
Proposed Navy Golf Course Expansion In Annapolis Faces Backlash

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – Earlier this year a proposal from the Naval Academy Golf Association surfaced.

The proposal seems to suggest that the NAGA wants to construct a new golf course at Greenbury Point, a natural resources conservation area, popular with joggers, trail hikers, nature lovers, and dog walkers, run by Naval Support Activity in Annapolis.

This has led to a massive backlash from locals and environmentalists.

The reason for these protests, first off, is that the Navy already has a golf course located at the U.S. Naval Academy, which is only less than five miles away.

This makes many people question why this new golf course is necessary.

Those opposed to the proposal also state that the removal of all the trees in the area will destroy local wildlife habitats. The fertilizer that the course uses could also contaminate the soil, soil that could in turn runoff into the bay and contaminate the water, sabotaging bay cleanup efforts.

In a May 13th press release, Chesapeake Conservancy President and CEO Joel Dunn stated that, “It defies all logic to consider a proposal that would reduce wildlife habitat and may reduce public access to the shoreline on currently publicly accessible land in a conservation area.”

As of right now Naval Support Activity Annapolis is reviewing the proposal to decide what to do next.

Those looking for more information or to sign the petition to protect Greenbury Point can visit:

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