Senate Republican Leadership Responds To Gov. Moore’s Comments On Maryland’s Business Climate

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – Senate Minority Leader Steve Hershey and Senate Minority Whip Justin Ready issued the following statement following Governor Moore’s comments earlier this week about Maryland’s unfriendly business climate.

“Recently, we’ve heard Governor Moore play the blame game when it comes to Maryland’s abysmal business environment and job losses to our business-friendly surrounding states.

Whether it’s lack of job creation or failure to retain Maryland businesses, he need not look any farther than the Democratic Leadership of the Maryland General Assembly, who with their gerrymandered, veto-proof supermajorities, have rammed through decades worth of bad policy that have created and exacerbated Maryland’s unfriendly business climate.

The Digital Ad Tax is one of many such policies that attacks Maryland’s job creators. While Democrats want you to think that this new tax only goes after “big tech,” the cost burden of this new tax will be passed down to small businesses that use ads on Facebook and Google as an affordable and effective way to market their business and increase revenue, which is especially critical as the cost of doing business in Maryland continues to rise.

Sold as a primary way to fund the doomed Blueprint for Maryland’s Future education overhaul, the $250 million in projected annual revenue is just 6.25% of its $4 BILLION yearly price tag.

While we are disappointed in the Maryland Supreme Court Ruling, we are hopeful for a more favorable ruling at the Federal level in the months ahead. We encourage Governor Moore to stand with us in rolling back onerous, anti-job creation policies that drive up costs and force businesses to close or move out of Maryland to more business-friendly states.”

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  1. It’s hard to believe people are still voting democrats after what they’re doing to this country. Everything democrats touched turns to crap. F46.

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