Calvert County Sheriff Mike Evans released the following statement today about the fatal crash on Rt. 4, April 17:

On Monday, April 17 at approximately 7:45 a.m., there was a horrendous motor vehicle crash on Route 4 just north of the intersection of Md. Route 506 in the outskirts of Prince Frederick.

The crash involved five motor vehicles encompassing both the northbound and southbound lanes of Route 4.

The crash was extremely tragic as two lives were lost.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the thousands of motorists that were rerouted from the main thoroughfare of Route 4 while the road remained closed to complete the investigation.

Your patience and responsiveness to this major inconvenience was very much appreciated by myself and those tasked with the tedious job of investigating and reconstructing the crash.

In those traffic related crashes where a loss of life occurs it is extremely important that evidence be collected, measurements and photographs be taken, and reconstruction experts have the opportunity to perform their tasks at the scene immediately following the crash.

Unfortunately, in a crash of this magnitude, with debris spread throughout all four lanes of travel for several hundred yards, the road must remained closed in each direction. The evidence gathered is necessary for the successful prosecution of the party responsible for the crash.

The victims of this tragedy deserve no less than perfection from law enforcement in matters such as these.

Once again, thank you for your considerable patience and respect to each and every motorist inconvenienced by this terrible tragedy, and please lets all be responsible and cautious in our every day driving habits. It could save a life.