LEONARDTOWN, Md. – Over 50 marriage applications have been filed in St. Mary’s County during the month of April:

April 1, 2022

Riley Bishop Altman, 21, Great Mills, Md

Mandy Nicole Kirkey, 20, Great Mills, Md

Christy Lynn Gray, 46, Mechanicsville, Md

Warren Edward Philyaw, Jr., 48, Mechanicsville, Md

Jessica Ann Biscoe, 40, Leonardtown, Md

Christopher Paul Forrest, 46, Leonardtown, Md

James Daniel Belcher, Jr., 45, California, Md

Paulina Ruby Johnson, 47, California, Md

Christina Rosann Marie Burroughs, 39, King George, Va

Charles Hammond Brown Iii, 41, Jarrettsville, Md

April 4, 2022

Charles Stephen Russell, 37, California, Md

Scottie Lynn Morris, 46, California, Md

April 5, 2022

William Joseph Jenner, 58, La Plata, Md

Maria Cruz Mosher, 61, La Plata, Md

Brandi Catherine Helms, 34, Mechanicsville, Md

Christopher Brandon Knott, 33, Mechanicsville, Md

Gerik Michael Landis, 33, Solomons, Md

Lindsay Hope Morgan, 28, Solomons, Md

Adriana Aleen Bean, 20, Mechanicsville, Md

Talmage Bert Reeves, Iii, 22, Mechanicsville, Md

Jennifer Marie Brown, 29, Great Mills, Md

Antonio Robert Gorman, 24, Great Mills, Md

April 6, 2022

Brian Russell Beeson, 35, California, Md

Shannon Lea Mcclanahan, 39, California, Md

April 7, 2022

Lucas Chamberlin Hammett, 34, California, Md

Bridget Shae Carter, 32, California, Md

Elizabeth Marie Smith, 29, Great Mills, Md

Christopher Scott Peksa, 31, Great Mills, Md

Megan Elise Wyble, 27, Kensington, Md

Saul Michael Zimet, 26, Kensington, Md

Norman S Stauffer, 58, Bainbridge, Oh

Esther Sensenig Stauffer, 42, Bainbridge, Oh

April 7, 2022

John Joseph Cepelones, 66, Lexington Park, Md

Mary Kathryn Suite, 72, Lexington Park, Md

April 8, 2022

Jacquelinn Rose Price, 37, Hollywood, Md

Christopher Brian Hammett, 40, Hollywood, Md

April 11, 2022

Justin Tyler Goudzwaard, 26, Lexington Park, Md

Crista Marie Lewis, 24, Lexington Park, Md

William Elijah Buckmaster, 35, Lusby, Md

Jessica Nicole Falcone, 33, Lusby, Md

Daniella Elisa Moreira, 24, Lexington Park, Md

Pedro Teixeira De Paula, 34, Lexington Park, Md

April 12, 2022

Shanelle Lashae Fleet, 21, Baltimore, Md

Naim Darnell Smith, 24, Baltimore, Md

Elizabeth Estelle Coughlan, 23, Norfolk, Va

Ethan Alexander Neff, 24, Norfolk, Va

Thomas Dalton Brown, 30, Leonardtown, Md

Rebecca Ann Dame, 44, Carterville, Il

Lynsey Brooke Rye, 25, Leonardtown, Md

William Warren Halbritter, Jr., 26, Leonardtown, Md

April 13, 2022

Gabrielle Brianna Cory, 24, Huntingtown, Md

Andrew David Graham, 25, Huntingtown, Md

April 14, 2022

Mary Beth Bowen, 56, Gulf Breeze, Fl

Kevin Frederick Kropp, 54, Gulf Breeze, Fl

Lakia Naje Blackiston, 19, Great Mills, Md

Wesly Geovani Calderon Lopez, 22, Lexington Park, Md

Vantasia Nicole Barnes, 27, Lexington Park, Md

Antonio Lamont Butler, 29, Lexington Park, Md

April 15, 2022

Miranda Lynn Greenwell, 26, Mechanicsville, Md

Daquan Alonzo Ellington, 25, Mechanicsville, Md

Kristen Marie Settles, 34, Capitol Heights, Md

Barry Nathaniel Wilson, Jr., 35, Capitol Heights, Md

Allen Michael Mccrory, 23, Milford, Va

Kayleen Nicole Owen, 21, Milford, Va

April 18, 2022

Cedtwan Devonta Long, 25, Great Mills, Md

Sarina Irene Aguilar, 23, Great Mills, Md

Janessa Elizabeth Bradley, 31, Lusby, Md

Thomas Matthew Maloney, 31, Lusby, Md

Maggie Marie Fambrough Murphy, 39, California, Md

Olushola Oladele Ojo, 39, Bowie, Md

April 20, 2022

Robert Bertrand Mackey, 57, Lexington Park, Md

Hena Beatriz Cuevas, 54, Lexington Park, Md

Hannah Beth Mcgraner, 23, Mechanicsville, Md

Rachel Marie Trinidad, 28, Mechanicsville, Md

Miranda Morgan Carter, 31, California, Md

Jeffrey Allen Held, 31, California, Md

Diane Nicole Lilley, 27, Bryantown, Md

Reid Nathaniel Franklin, 28, Bryantown, Md

April 21, 2022

Christopher Paul Wathen, 48, Lusby, Md

Tina Lee Humphreys, 52, Lusby, Md

Kimberly Jean Johnson, 37, Ridge, Md

Robert Criag Oreilly, Sr., 41, Ridge, Md

Phyllis Carroll, 53, Brandywine, Md

Ray Anthony Barnes, Sr., Mechanicsville, Md

William Douglas Tiller, 31, Lexington Park, Md

Mary Ellen Mayor, 36, Lexington Park, Md

April 22, 2022

Alexis Marie Crowe, 18, Mechanicsville, Md

Luke Christian Sammons, 20, Colorado Springs, Co

Leonel Lopez, 22, Lexington Park, Md

Elizabeth Grayson Mueller, 22, Mobile, Al

Skylar Noel Morgan, 22, California, Md

Michael Anthony Oliver, 34, Chesapeake Beach, Md

Scott Roland Davis, 56, Hollywood, Md

Rhonda Melody Johnson, 54, Smyrna, De

Jaclyn Marie Gibson, 30, Mechanicsville, Md

Benjamin Robert Greb, 25, Mechanicsville, Md

April 26, 2022

Daylena Ruann Spencer, 29, Lexington Park, Md

Benjamin William Koelsch, 25, Lexington Park, Md

Brent Patrick Huntt, 23, Indian Head, Md

Alyssa Kaitlyn Danner, 24, Indian Head, Md

April 27, 2022

Nathan Andrew Frazier, 22, Hollywood, Md

Shelby Ruth Litten, 21, Leonardtown, Md

April 28, 2022

Jessica Dawn Lehrter, 36, Waldorf, Md

Justin Ernest Eric Davis, 40, Waldorf, Md

Samantha Marie Snedden, 32, Charlotte Hall, Md

Kyle Darley Gardner, 27, Charlotte Hall, Md

April 29, 2022

Frank Z. Zimmerman, 25, Mechanicsville, Md

Marlene Anita Martin, 23, Leonardtown, Md

Michael Robert Jones, Jr., 28, Great Mills, Md

Alexis Michelle Hendrickson, 25, Great Mills, Md

Shontella Renee Somerville, 37, California, Md

Michael Deangelo Davis, Sr., 38, California, Md

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  1. its nice that you all are content with a courthouse wedding & you don’t have to have an elaborate, flamboyant church wedding. Did I say dramatic, excessive

    thats much more than some judges can say

  2. marriages are 1 of the functions of the court. lets pay attention to how old these judge candidates are. a judge that over 55 will not serve a full term of 15 years (circuit court). Its ok to feel like the judges have too long of a term, district court is 10 years.

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