ghost gun
ghost gun

BALTIMORE, Md. – Statement from Maryland Attorney General Brian E. Frosh on SB387/HB425 banning ghost guns in Maryland becoming law:

“Ghost guns have become a rapidly growing threat to public safety. Easy to assemble kits are available over the Internet. Violent felons, children, and abusers are obtaining these lethal guns in ever larger numbers. Not only are these weapons dangerous, these unserialized, untraceable firearms hinder law enforcement’s efforts to solve gun crimes. Our law banning ghost guns in Maryland will save lives.

“Ridding our streets, our communities, and our schools of illegal, deadly guns has been a priority for our office for many years. We have successfully fought back multiple challenges to Maryland’s Gun Safety Act. We have charged and put in prison violent criminals, and we have seized numerous illegal firearms. And today, our state has taken another step to make our communities safer.

“We appreciate the work of Senator Lee, Delegate Lopez and legislative leadership in this important achievement.”

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  1. “Ghost guns have become a rapidly growing threat…”
    Yeah, cryin’ Brian; Second only to democrat voters & politicians!
    Don’t forget your oath to UPHOLD AND DEFEND our Constitution lyin’ Brian! You always make it look like your way is the right way,eh? Judgment Day is coming soon…

  2. “Ghost guns have become a rapidly growing threat to public safety. ”
    Hey Sir Idiot Frosh, the thugs you keep letting walk free, are the threat, not law abiding citizens who will abide by the law.
    More new laws will surely make these thugs go straight. Right! Maybe straight to Virginia or Pennsylvania, to purchase what they want and then come back and KILL the defenseless law abiding citizens.

  3. Now Slo’ Joe wants to stop violent crime by MORE GUN CONTROL. Hey A-Hole, it ain’t the guns, it’s the thugs YOU and your dweebs put/let back out on the street.
    Boiling coffee will scald you and it’s the coffee’s fault? Fire everybody that serves coffee and shut down the coffee companies.

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