David John Graham and William Norris Pickeral
David John Graham and William Norris Pickeral
David John Graham and William Norris Pickeral

WALDORF, Md. – On December 6 at approximately 3:34 a.m., officers responded to the 900 block of Copley Avenue in Waldorf for the report of an individual who was under a camper attempting to steal the catalytic converter.

The suspect fled prior to officers’ arrival. Patrol officers located the suspect vehicle and attempted to stop it, but the vehicle fled.

After a short pursuit on Route 301 south, the suspect vehicle attempted to turn onto Marshall Corner Road but failed to negotiate the turn, striking the guardrail.

The driver and passenger in the vehicle fled on foot but were apprehended by patrol officers.

The suspects, William Norris Pickeral, 35 of Accokeek, and David John Graham, 38 of Accokeek, both had active warrants in Prince George’s and Charles Counties.

Pickeral, who was the driver, was in possession of suspected cocaine and fentanyl valued at $4,600. A handgun was located in plain view in the passenger compartment of the vehicle. The tags on the vehicle had been reported stolen in Charles County.

Pickeral was charged with theft, possession with intent to distribute CDS (fentanyl/heroin mix), loaded handgun in vehicle, illegal possession of a regulated firearm, and other charges.

Graham was charged with theft, loaded handgun in vehicle, illegal possession of a regulated firearm, malicious destruction of property, CDS and other charges.

Pickeral and Graham were transported to the Charles Regional Medical Center for treatment due to the crash, and were later transported to the Charles County Detention Center.

Pickeral and Graham are currently being held without bond. PFC L. Bagwell investigated.

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  1. Anyone caught carrying Fentanyl should immediately be charged with attempted murder. And open border Biden should be charged as an accessory…

    1. 100% AGREEED!! When will this country wake up and see the truth?? Fentanyl is killing this country!! It’s out of control! How many more lives have to be lost because cartel’s from other countries are taking this lethal drug and lacing everything possible with it? It’s sickening! And when up standing citizens with chronic pain and even small or large surgeries etc. can’t be prescribed pain medicine for healing or chronic pain any longer, some of those patients resort to street drugs because their Drs. won’t give them anything for the pain and they end up dying because of the fentanyl explosion in this and other countries. It’s just inhumane how people that are under pain management and see their Drs every month are treated like criminals or drug addicts because they just want to try and live as much of a productive life as possible

      1. This is so true, I went through the same situation with the Dr. I was seeing so I stopped going, it was like a waste of time when you can’t get the help you need and you are exactly right I now have to go to other options to feel better when I can and not afraid to say so but nothing from the street’s

      2. They die because they’re junkies. Anyone taking their pain meds as prescribed instead of abusing them don’t turn to heroin which could possibly be laced with fentanyl. Every time they choose to get high, they make the determination that possibly dieing is worth getting high. If they die they die. Oh well.

    2. Look whose back to spread his bile, bigtory and hatred! Just in time for the holidays! Aren’t we blessed!!

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