A tornado touched down in Clements during the Saturday afternoon storms. Wayne Nelson’s home was saved but everything around is damaged. His wife was home alone when the tornado hit. Nelson is owner of Wayne’s Lawn Service

Nelson’s neighbor’s house and yard directly across from him was completely missed. His brother’s barn was picked up by the tornado and smashed into a field off Budds Creek Road.

In the same general area on Horseshoe Road at ther Baker residence a tree went through a bedroom while a man was home.(see video below) Also at the Tennyson residence across the street from the Bakers there was barn and shed damage.

The St. Mary’s County Public Information Office issiued the following press release: “A suspected tornado has left damage in the Maddox section of the county. Chief J.A. Nelson with the Seventh District Volunteer Fire Department reports about 50 trees are down in the area at this time along with power lines. 13 structures, ranging from the roofs of 3 homes to 10 barns and other farming structures, are reported to have been damaged by the storms and heavy winds. There are no reports of any injuries at this time. The path of the storm appears to have been along MD 242 north with most of the initial damage reports coming from Horseshoe Road, Sunnyside Road, Pincushion Road and the Dr. Johnson Road area. Initially there were reports of a tornado which touched down in the area however those reports are unconfirmed at this time. Several roads affected by the storm, including Marrow Road, Horseshoe Road and Hurry Road, are now open and passable. Drivers are asked to proceed with caution as some debris remains in the roadway. Crews from the St. Mary’s County Department of Public Works and Transportation and State Highway Administration remain in the area to clear debris. Crews from the Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative (SMECO) are also in the area to repair downed power lines.”

Photos of the storm by Sharon Bell and Ron Bailey