darren cole
Darren Edward Cole

UPDATE- State’s Attorney Richard Fritz announces that on February 28, 2022, Darren Edward Cole (DOB 04/01/1987) was sentenced to 20 years in the Department of Corrections, suspended to 18 years active incarceration, for a sexual act involving the touching of a minor for sexual gratification.

State’s Attorney Richard Fritz would like to thank Senior Assistant State’s Attorney Sarah Proctor and the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Department for a job well done. The sentence imposed was the maximum sentence recommended under the Maryland Judicial Guidelines.

ST. INIGOES, Md. – On Jan. 17, 2021, deputies responded to Mount Zion Church Road in St. Inigoes for the report of a sex offense. Darren Edward Cole, 33 of St. Inigoes, was found in bed with a 13-year-old child. Cole exited the residence through the victim’s bedroom window and when officers attempted to contact Cole at his residence, Cole fled on foot into the woods and was detained soon afterward. Cole was arrested and charged with Third-Degree Sex Offense by Deputy John Fenwick. Case # 2801-21

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  1. Rape is bad enough but, when it’s done to a minor, he should get… Never mind. It’s Charles County in democrat run Maryland. He’ll be out in 8.

    1. What? It isn’t in Charles. Should learn to read properly, dummy. Sentencing was in St.Mary’s and it happened it St. Mary’s.

    2. Hahahahaha you don’t even know where it happened…..you should go back to school and study a map

  2. Other focus :Robert “RJ” Regan Michigan GOP State house candidate said recently ” he tells his daughters to enjoy rape if it’s inevitable.” There is a reason we punish perpetrators of rape .. rape causes great harm and psych injury . This POS RIH .

  3. Being a Democrat doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that it was a child where was her parents.

  4. This county is so small, I swear I seen this dude either working at an auto parts store or a fast food spot, either way i have young granddaughters cops wouldn’t have been necessary..

  5. Oops; Sorry. I was thinking of the other Charles County article about a guy (who could be his twin) that was charged with sexually abusing a minor. As you were, ladies. 🙂

  6. This, Is my uncle, and to be honest I get the thing he did was wrong but, The girl that supposedbly got raped acted like she was 18 and her name is emily what she did was also wrong. Btw again 18-20 years for that to be honest you guys need to drop it to at least 10-13.

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