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EDGEWATER, Md. – On October 31, 2022, at approximately 7:30 p.m., officers responded for a report of an indecent exposure in the 3600 block of 2nd Avenue in Edgewater.

The complainant advised officers that there was a female suspect who was exposing herself to and hurling obscenities toward children while handing out candy.

As officers arrived, they observed the suspect standing near the roadway in front of a residence.

Officers approached and detained the suspect without further incident. The suspect was arrested and charged accordingly. 


Wendee Kaczorek 


Edgewater, Maryland 

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  1. I imagine this woman was being controlled by a demonic spirit. Don’t laugh. Demons are real. And they can indeed oppress and/or possess people. The fact she lured them in with candy and then yelled obscenities, and exposed herself is highly manipulative and is a marker, according to the Bible, of a spirit of witchcraft. These things can traumatize children for life! I pray the Officers & Court take this very seriously! I get it that it seems funny at first but when you give it serious thought……its very evil.

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