CCSO Address Complaints Of Reckless Off-Road Vehicles
Tavon James Dodson and Sean Gerard Estep CCSO Address Complaints Of Reckless Off-Road Vehicles
Tavon James Dodson and Sean Gerard Estep

WALDORF, Md. – In response to numerous citizen complaints regarding off-road vehicles (ATVs & dirt bikes) operating recklessly in the roadways, the Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) Unit conducted a special enforcement effort on June 29 in Waldorf.

Officers were made aware that off-road vehicles were being operated recklessly in the area of St. Thomas Drive, Village Street, and Stoddert Middle School. When officers arrived they observed several people riding ATVs in a reckless manner.

One man, Tavon James Dodson, 26 of Waldorf, was apprehended without incident. When an officer attempted to stop another man, the man failed to comply and attempted to drive away.

The officer was able to quickly turn the ATV off and take the man, Sean Gerard Estep, 36 of Waldorf, into custody without further incident.

Further investigation revealed that Estep was in possession of crack cocaine, and that his ATV had an altered Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Dodson was charged with operating an off-road vehicle on government property.

CCSO Address Complaints Of Reckless Off-Road Vehicles
Both ATVs the men were riding were impounded.

Estep was charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance, operating an off-road vehicle on government property, removing the serial number on the vehicle, and resisting arrest.

Both Dodson and Estep were taken to the Charles County Detention Center where they were released on personal recognizance. The ATVs the men were riding (pictured) were impounded.

The Charles County Sheriff’s Office is committed to keeping our community safe for everyone and will continue to conduct special enforcement operations to educate the public and address citizen complaints.

Anyone who has information related to this event or needs to report events like it is asked to contact the CCSO at (301) 932-2222.

The investigation continues.

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    1. How was it racist? I’m just seeking clarification, not attacking your reply.

  1. Well that will show them, crack, resisting, altered VIN (more than likely stolen)…here you go, back home, sorry for the couple of hours inconvenience…do it again and we will inconvenience you a little more…

  2. Special days, special month and special rights and they give back this craziness. We’ve had a couple of these 4 wheelers flying down the streets in my hood, but they got dealt with quickly by the neighbors. Of course, they’re entitled to do what they want, when they want and where they want.

    1. I know some white kids who are like that, they were, however, on 3 wheeler ATVs (which I thought were all but extinct at this point), motorized bikes, and what had to be the most abysmal couple go-carts on this planet.

      Just like these two clowns, they enjoy no ‘extra rights’, something I’ve never heard of other than for the greed-driven elites in this country. There’s this one, really the worst one in a few generations, this guy thinks he is entitled to a laundry list of special rights that actually no person has, has ever had, and really should never have. The funniest part of it, all these “special rights” that this buffoon truly believes he has are actually crimes which he committed. Now I’m not talking about a silly misdemeanor like operating an off-road vehicle on public roads, nothing as minor as that. No, these are in most cases federal and state level felonies which carry a LOT of potential prison time. This guy thinks that this won’t happen because he has special rights afforded to those with wealth, but I’m pretty sure he’s mistaken. In one of the state felony cases which he’s already been indicted for, he actually tried to extort the sitting governor and secretary of state of a state in the south, and that’s just the first one. He also led something like 7 separate conspiracies all which he was using for the same goal of negating the votes of tens of millions of voters.

      I know, crazy, right?

  3. Ok good about damn time.Heres an answer for ya!! If your caught riding on the street illegally there automatically forfeited and sold at auction.Time to take back your damn county

  4. The 4wheeler on the left has seen MUCH road time…as evidenced by the front tire wear.

  5. when the police make an arrest for guns, its fair to ask (the police) how am I going to defend myself if you take my gun? the police should have an adequate response to that.

    1. Here’s your answer: if you are ARRESTED for illegal use or possession of a gun, you DON’T get it back. Not difficult to figure that one out, is it?

  6. We have this same issue from time to time here on kingfisher ct in Waldorf Lancaster development it really is annoying

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