CHARLES COUNTY, Md. – Yesterday, Sheriff Troy Berry and the CCSO were proud to present a donation to New Hope African Methodist Episcopal Church in Waldorf towards their wonderful community outreach efforts!

New Hope gives to the community in so many ways. In December, they hosted a Winter Wonderland event which provided an evening of holiday fun for over 100 students attending Dr. Mudd and J.P. Ryon Elementary Schools. Thank you all for the work you do to lift our community up!

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    1. You should go help out at one of those churches. Maybe their kindness would rub off on you so you wouldn’t be leaving salty comments on the internet.

  1. The SO & unsolved cases. Why does the Sheriffs office only occasionally mention an unsolved case …. & not put them on their website? Are there too many? Would some think the SO is not doing their job with so many unsolved cases?

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