Christmas in April St. Mary’s County Needs Your Help!
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MECHANICSVILLE, Md. – For the last 33 years, Christmas in April St. Mary’s County has been a helping hand to hundreds of homeowners in need. Christmas in April St. Mary’s County, Inc. is a volunteer organization that, in partnership with the community, rehabilitates the houses of low-income homeowners, particularly the elderly and disabled, so that they may live in warmth, safety, and independence. They also provide help through work on community projects.

However, they’ve encountered a problem – no one has been reaching out! Ken Ritter, a member of the Board of Directors, reached out to say, “We are experiencing difficult times in that we can’t get homeowners who need help to even apply. We are also in need of skilled laborers to help with repairing the houses. It’s just one day in April to donate your time and skills – kind of like a one-day blitz – where volunteers come together to help our community members in need.”

Ritter also stated, “We are now accepting applications until December 1st for our next Neighbors Helping Neighbors Day on April 27, 2024. Applications are available on our website and by calling 301-884-2905. Please visit our page on Facebook and share with your friends.”

To be considered for Christmas in April, you must be a homeowner who is not physically or financially capable of repairing your home to create a safe and warm environment. Structural damage, handicap accessibility, and the elderly tend to be the homes chosen for the project, but not exclusively. Applicants are screened so that the people with the most emergent needs are chosen. That’s not to say you cannot apply the following year if you aren’t chosen.

There are two fundraisers approaching. On Friday, September 22nd, at 8:00 a.m., Wicomico Shores Golf Course is hosting a golf tournament to raise money. On October 8th, the 13th Annual Southern Maryland Antique Power Parade will be held in Leonardtown Square from 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Christmas in April St. Mary’s County Needs Your Help!
Christmas in April St. Mary’s County Needs Your Help!

Volunteers to help work on the houses and donations are also important. There are numerous ways to donate time or money. Spreading the word, gathering friends and family to participate, or simply writing a check all help to take care of our neighbors.

For more information on homeowners who would like to apply for help, click here.

To donate funds or volunteer, click here.

Let us know if you plan on volunteering in the comments below!

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