WALDORF, Md. – On July 20, members of the Narcotics Enforcement Section, along with CCSO’s Emergency Services Team, served a search warrant at a house in the 5400 block of Harvest Fish Place in Waldorf after receiving information about alleged drug dealing at the residence.

During the search, over 600 grams of marijuana, a quantity of oxycodone, packaging materials, and manufacturing equipment were recovered.

In addition, four loaded polymer 80 handguns, and a loaded privately made AR-15 style pistol were recovered – none of the firearms had serial numbers.

The suspect, Ryle Michael Burley, 22, of Waldorf, was arrested on the scene and charged with possession with the intent to distribute, drug trafficking with a firearm, and other related charges.

On July 21, a judge ordered Burley could be released from the Charles County Detention Center as long as he meets the conditions for electronic monitoring.

The investigation is ongoing.  

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    they should be able to tell you

  2. Perfect example of someone who should be held on no bond. Court commissioner needs to go. LEO’s are good at catching the criminals. Now, Prosecutor’s need to quit plea bargaining. Judges should ensure a fair trial. When/if the accused is found guilty, the sentence should reflect the judge’s commitment to protect the law-abiding citizens.

  3. He was released before trial. 1 day was not his sentence. He hasn’t even been to trial yet. If he’s found guilty, then his sentence will be imposed by the judge. It will be months before his trial even happens!

  4. We need to know the name of the judge every time this happens. Baynet should always include that information in these articles.

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