Daniel George Montgomery
Daniel George Montgomery

LA PLATA, Md. – Charles County Sheriff’s detectives have identified and arrested a suspect wanted in connection with the shooting of a 13-year-old male. On July 18, at 11:52 p.m., officers from the La Plata Police Department and the Charles County Sheriff’s Office responded to the 300 block of Jennie Run Drive in La Plata for the report of a shooting.

The initial investigation revealed the victim was standing in the area of Caroline Drive when an unknown suspect(s) started shooting.

One of the rounds struck the victim in the forearm. The victim was transported to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Through investigation, detectives identified a suspect. They served search warrants and recovered two polymer “ghost” guns –meaning they did not have a serial number –and an AR style firearm.

Daniel George Montgomery, 18, of Waldorf, was arrested on September 16 and charged with first-degree assault, second-degree assault, carrying a loaded firearm, and other related charges. On September 19, a judge ordered Montgomery be held without bond at the Charles County Detention Center.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to call Detective Worley at 301-609-6518. Tipsters who want to remain anonymous may contact Charles County Crime Solvers by calling 1-866-411-TIPS.

Tips can also be submitted online at www.charlescountycrimesolvers.com or by using the P3Intel mobile app.

The investigation in continuing.  

The Charles County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) was accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc. (CALEA) in 2001 and has since earned the highest rating of Excellence. Established in 1658, the CCSO is one of the oldest law enforcement agencies in the United States. For more information, visit www.ccso.us.

Charles County Crime Solvers offers rewards of up to $1,000 for information that leads to the arrest or indictment of a person responsible for a crime in Charles County. All individuals who provide tips through Crime Solvers will remain anonymous. Anyone with information about an unsolved crime or the location of a fugitive may contact Charles County Crime Solvers by calling 1-866-411-TIPS. Tips can also be submitted online at www.charlescountycrimesolvers.com or by using the P3Intel mobile app, which can be found in the Android Store and Apple store by searching P3tips. For more information about the P3 program, click on this link: www.p3intel.com.

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  1. “…a judge ordered Montgomery be held without bond at the Charles County Detention Center.”
    WHAT??? He didn’t release him on his own personal recognizance?????

    1. I know right? This has got to stop , and until they see the severity of their actions , it never will.
      Stop smacking them on the hand and letting them back out , its telling others ” oh hell, I can do it and be back on streets sane day if I play my ” cards ” right…

  2. Sierra Hotel Leo’s. Court Commissioner got this one correct. Now Prosecutor’s need to quit plea bargaining. Judge’s need to ensure a fair trial. It/when the accused is found guilty, the Judge’s sentence should reflect his/her commitment to protect the law-abiding citizens.

    1. Many, if not most modern handguns are constructed of a polymer. Also, a firearm without a serial number can be, and most times is one whose serial number was obscured or removed mechanically and has always been a felony. But,”polymer ghost gun”sounds a lot more frightening, and seems to be something that maybe the politicians should “do something about”! Of course, it’s really the same old crime that the same old law isn’t being applied to.

  3. Who’s to blame for all of the record breaking violence that’s been happening in the populated MD Counties the past few years? Yes, the juveniles SHOULD be held
    responsible and punished for their actions. But so shouldn’t the parents as well? I blame a great deal of their actions on the parents, and them as well of course. Actually, let me reword that term, their Guardian (s). Most of these children have young and irresponsible mothers who are more concerned about their eyelashes then taking the time to do homework with their kids, and at least half of the fathers are non-existent. They are being raised, of at all, by their exhausted, tired and desperate Grandmothers and Grandfathers. ( GOD BLESS THEM❤️. They should be going on vacations and enjoying their remaining Golden years, not raising children ALL OVER AGAIN). A BIG WAKE UP CALL. NEEDS TO BE HIVEN TO RHESE PARENTS, AND RIGHT NOW! Before it’s too late. Before they become the victim and not the perpetrator. Family needs to ce together and help one another. They’re just children for heavens sakes. They still have a chance to turn their lives around and make eye popping achievements. Faith is all they need. From themselves and from their family and friends.

    1. It is hard to actually narrow the blame to one single thing, but yes the parents should be held responsible first. The uncensored music that is being listened to I blame the music industry for explicit racial language, and the lyrics about shooting up the place, drug and sex pushing. I also blame Hollywood for the trashy movies coming out now, with scenes of cop killing, drug pushing, and abuse of women and others, they should be sued. I also blame the actors who portray such scenes as being cool. it is not. I could go on and on, but that is just a start. Next, start suing Judges, and prosecutors who let these trach animals back out on the street. They are guilty.

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