LA PLATA, Md. – The Small Business Development Center (SBDC), a premier resource partner under the Small Business Administration (SBA), offers free business consulting and training services to entrepreneurs and small businesses with 500 or fewer employees. 

On the 33rd episode of The BayNet’s Podcast, “Get Real with Chris & Mark,” the hosts ‘Get Real’ with Wynne Briscoe from The Maryland Small Business Development Center about free resources available to help start your business.

The SBDC is a federal resource created by Congress and funded by federal, state, and county tax dollars. The program operates in all 50 states, including the territories and islands.

The SBDC provides one-on-one consulting, training programs, and resources to help small businesses start, grow, and succeed. Services include help with business plans, financial projections, marketing strategies, and more. 

During the podcast, Briscoe discussed the program’s benefits and encouraged entrepreneurs and small business owners to take advantage of the free services.

“Since you’re already paying for these things in your taxes, use your tax benefit,” Briscoe said. “There are so many services in this country that, as a taxpayer, you are paying for that you don’t realize that you’re not utilizing.”

Briscoe mentioned the program’s outreach efforts are aimed at encouraging people to take advantage of their tax benefit.

“SBA doesn’t really have a marketing budget,” Briscoe said. “So we’re always out doing outreach to encourage people.”

During the interview, Briscoe, speaking from experience, stressed the need for entrepreneurs to be receptive to coaching in order to succeed.

“As a consultant, I can’t help you when you’re not willing to receive,” she said. “One nugget I have for every entrepreneur is to be coachable.”

“And need is an interesting word, right? Because people don’t need a coach. People don’t need a mentor, but people need a coach and they need a Mentor,” expressed Mark. 

For entrepreneurs and small business owners looking for help starting or growing their business, the SBDC is a valuable resource. With free consulting and training services, the program offers a cost-effective way to get expert help and advice. To find the SBDC office in your area, visit the SBA’s website.

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