Hollywood Carnival Cancelled This Weekend

HOLLYWOOD, Md. – Due to an incident that occurred on Friday evening in our Parking Lot, the Carnival has been cancelled for Saturday July 16th and Sunday July 17th.

On Friday evening at approximately 11pm, as the Carnival ended and guests were leaving, a shooting occurred in the Upper Parking Lot of the Fire House. Two individuals were found suffering from gunshots wounds and were provided medical treatment immediately by Fire and EMS personnel on the scene. Both patients were transported to the hospital, one via MSP aviation and the second was ground transported by Hollywood EMS.

This incident is an on-going investigation by St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office. If you have any information or any questions reference this incident, please contact the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office at 301-475-8008.

Our Annual Carnival has been a part of our Fire Department for generations and is a staple to the Hollywood Community. The Hollywood Volunteer Fire Department membership takes great pride in the tradition of the annual carnival. We strive to provide a family-based, safe setting for all citizens to enjoy themselves. The department looks forward to the annual carnival for several reasons, most notably as a means to bring the community together and as a main source of funding as our largest fundraiser.

The incident that took place on Friday evening not only affected the members of our community, but our HVFD Members and their Families that were in attendance at the Carnival at the time of the incident.

We would like to express our sympathy to the entire community which has been affected by this tragedy. All media inquiries can be directed to the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office of Public Information.

Additional information reference the Hollywood VFD Carnival will be forthcoming.


Members of the Hollywood Volunteer Fire Department

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  1. So sad that we all have to suffer due to these jerks. Hope they are caught and have to pay.

  2. I am nauseated at the fact that my grandson was there the night before. The kids look forward to the carnival for the last nine years that I know of. I am a palled and so upset that people come to the carnival with a gun and have such short tempers that they want to take another persons life. It’s disgusting and I hope you find them. We won’t be attending another carnival next year. There’s no control in this county anymore there’s shootings everywhere. Time to move

  3. Sorry kids… No fun tonight at the Hollywood Carnival. I guess you’ll have to sit home this summer. Hope your schools are safe when you return in the Fall. Hey… I have a great idea! Why don’t we defund the police so we can all be unsafe? Then, when the police do take action, we can watch their body cams & go on & on about the in justice of complete scum bag criminals. Then, we can let those criminals right back out of jail to continue their terrorism. Doesn’t that sound fun!?

  4. I’ve been going to the hvfd carnival for 37 years, back to when it was at the old firehouse. I can’t believe my kids and so many others had to go through that. You could hear the bullets wizzing over our heads. I hope the lexington park trash does not cause the carnival to close like all of the others.

  5. Maybe these families should raise their children to know better instead of teaching them this behavior

  6. Police lied about statuses of arrest to people there. It’s a shame what this world has come to.

  7. Look to God’s Kingdom-God’s Government-as the ONLY solution to man’s problems. It will come soon and not be late.

  8. Watch the National News everyone who wants to move out of the County. This is not a County problem. This is a nationwide issue. You might think about that the next time you vote – Trump is pro-NRA, pro-bullying, pro-thug.

    1. Sorry but this area is being over ran with thugs, there’s a shooting in Lexington park almost every day, now this happens, my house is up for sale and once it sells I’m outta here! Goodbye Maryland!

      1. Nobody’s stopping you. Go already. I am sure you won’t be missed. Where you going to go where there is no violence?

        1. To the country, why do you care? Are you mad at me for improving myself? Are you jealous or something? No wonder you get into nothing but arguments on here with everyone with that kind of attitude

    2. You’re a dummy. Trump is a pro-police, law and order president. These dems defunding police and letting criminals out to commit crimes over and over is the problem. Open your eyes and see what’s happening in these blue areas.

    3. What? Trump is what? Are you drunk? Have some respect. This pronlem has absolutely nothing to do with Trump. Get lost please.

  9. We shouldn’t let people like that mess up our family traditions .should still have the fun raiser for the community show them you can’t keep us down like 9 11

  10. We shouldn’t let people like that mess up our family traditions .should still have the fun raiser for the community show them you can’t keep us down like 9 11

  11. Lordy,lordy, what is wrong with the world these days! Can’t even enjoy some family time without fear of maybe even being shot. The sad part is the guilty will be back on the street tomorrow.

  12. So sad that this had to happen. It’s a real shame that some people do not know how to behave in public. This is an annual community event that benefits the entire community. Please, if you feel the need to misbehave, do it in your own back yard. Maybe you will have second thoughts if it’s your yard and your family members gathered. Just saying, Maybe!

  13. I hope the community will come out in force next week to show our support and appreciation for our volunteer fire department. These men and women are our neighbors and friends. They do this to protect us. Hollywood needs to show the love next week.

    1. I agree this was a fundraising event to help us in this county! Please help if you can it’s hard enough to get donations now without something in return and those day’s missed out hurt.

  14. I’m saddened that this happened, but I don’t think they should have cancelled. It’s like letting the terrorists win – those who follow the rules suffer because of the few who don’t.

    Guns aren’t the issue here folks – gang violence is. Pretty clear that the two warring Park factions will do anything to take out their enemies, bystanders be damned.

    Metal detectors wouldn’t have helped here, this happened in the parking lot. Nothing stopping you from spotting your rival then going to the lot, retrieving your piece, then waiting in ambush…

    Concerned about this? Educate yourself, train, arm yourself, and be able to defend your family. Many parts of this country allow concealed carry to family-friendly functions like this, and that’s the only way we’ll get anywhere with this particular threat. Once the gangs learn that it’s not safe to conduct their killings in public family areas like this, they’ll move to a different area to do their dirty work.

  15. This is what you get when the NRA philosophy is we need more guns to stop others with guns.
    What a sales slogan.

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