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LEXINGTON PARK, Md. – On February 6, the Delegate of District 29C, Todd Morgan released the following letter:

“It is disingenuous for anyone to suggest that I am opposed to the YMCA and that I do not care about the Lexington Park community.  I was elected Commissioner from this district for 3 terms. During my 12 years as Commissioner, I supported the investment of over $70 million into Lexington Park.  No other area in the county received such an investment. 

The YMCA project was initially proposed to the the Commissioners  as a County Run Community Center.  As Commissioner I voted to support the Community Youth Mapping Project.  I was skeptical.  But, after reviewing the data and talking to citizens, I agreed to a County Run Lexington Park Community Center.

Over time, this concept morphed into a county funded YMCA as part of the YMCA of the Chesapeake. This is a sticking point for me.  All of the YMCAs on the Eastern Shore have been funded with private money/resources.  The citizen’s of St. Mary’s County are committing to invest $15 million of the $21 Million project which will be a privately run and managed facility. The YMCA is required to raise only $4 million.

I believe it is important for the YMCA to show its commitment to Lexington Park by demonstrating its ability to raise $4 million prior to the County committing its $15 million.  This was my view as a Commissioner and remains my view as a Delegate.  My position has been consistent.”


Todd B. Morgan

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  1. Putting everything into the Lexington Park area cuts out the remainder of the county. I personally WILL NOT go to that area so long as the near daily shootings are happening. I live in the northern end of the county and it’s too far if a drive to use the YMCA. Should have looked into putting it in a more centralized location in the county.
    Personally I am tired of everything being for Lexington Park area without consideration for those of us in other areas.

  2. Excuse me, if you spent $70m on Lexington Park, where is the development? Why is St. Mary’s Square in poor condition? Why are there so many empty buildings on Great Mills Road? You were elected to Represent, unfortunately, as a white Republican you failed to adequately represent the true residents of your district. You probably couldn’t find Liberty Street if you tried.

  3. I am not a fan of putting the YMCA in its proposed location in Great Mills/Lexington Park. It is going in a drug laden and violent location where many people will not go after dark and do not like to go during the day unless they absolutely need to. Instead of putting it there, and tearing down more trees, demolish a delapidated building and put it there. The McKay’s in San Souci is a great location and Tommy Boy can get a payoff.

    1. I’m sure the privately owned and operated gym in San Suchi would love to have a county funded YMCA set up just a couple doors down. The YMCA brings nothing to the county that we don’t already have, and using our taxpayer dollars to compete with private enterprises is wrong.

  4. Considering that our county commissioner’s are all Republicans and all White; I as a born and bred black resident am not surprised by any opposition they have in trying to revitalize Lexington Park! Their excuses are always the same; gun violence! What county in the state of Maryland doesn’t have this problem! But St. Mary’s is listed as a safe haven for guns! So why are you all complaining! You can’t have it both ways!

    1. I am all for revitalizing Lexington Park,however the gun violence is not the only issue at hand. It’s also continually Lexington Park for stuff for the county. Race has nothing to do with their decisions. It’s also fiscal responsibility to the ENTIRE county, especially while many are having to decide between paying bills and gas to work to pay bills OR buying FOOD and basic necessities.
      Personally,the YMCA needs to be centrally located for ALL of the county to use. I don’t even use the swimming pool because it’s almost an hour drive to get there in an area that is heavy with crime.

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