Ocean City Fire Department crews respond to fire, which Calvert volunteers discovered and initially extinguished. PHOTOS COURTESY OF ST. LEONARD VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT

Ocean City, MD – How dedicated are men and women who volunteer their time to local fire, rescue and emergency medical services? After an incident that happened across the bay several miles from their station house Monday, June 20 the devotion of some of Calvert County’s all-volunteer service appears boundless.

According to a report posted June 23 by St. Leonard Volunteer Fire Department (Company 7) Deputy Chief Thomas Buckmaster, eight volunteers who were in Ocean City to attend the 124th annual Maryland State Firemen’s Association Convention took quick action when they saw a potentially damaging fire break out. Buckmaster stated the crews “were at a private residence in Ocean City when they noticed smoke coming from the neighboring residence beside them. Immediately all the volunteers sprang into action ultimately locating the seat of the fire, extinguishing it and ensuring no one was in the residence prior to the first arriving fire apparatus.” 

The Company 7 volunteers who took action included Department President Raleigh Midkiff , Captain Raleigh Midkiff III, Lt. Donnie Bowen and Jodi Midkiff Four volunteers from the Dunkirk Volunteer Fire Department–Nathan Taylor   AJ Dantos, Ben White and Dillon Millard—also responded.

The firemen’s convention will conclude Friday, June 24. On Wednesday, June 22 the resort hosted the annual Firemen’s Parade. Governor Hogan rode in the parade aboard a classic Ocean City Fire Department truck.

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