Chicago Alexander Garner
Chicago Alexander Garner

Lusby, MD – A Calvert County man was indicted last month on charges stemming from a mid-October incident that occurred in the Chesapeake Ranch Estates subdivision of Lusby, court documents stated. The 10-count indictment against the accused, identified as Chicago Alexander Garner, 22 of Lusby, includes the felony charges of armed robbery, robbery and first-degree assault. The court docket summary also notes Garner was indicted on three conspiracy charges to commit robbery, armed robbery and first degree assault. He also races three counts of reckless endangerment.

According to court records, Garner is currently incarcerated in the Calvert County Detention Center. In an application for statement of charges originally filed in District Court, Dfc. Mosely of the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office reported that he was dispatched to a location on Golden West Way Oct. 15 at 5:29 p.m. The complainant told Mosely that Garner “pulled out a gun and attempted to rob” him. The weapon was described by the alleged victim as a “black handgun.” The victim was behind the wheel of his car with a woman and her young son as passengers. Earlier, Garner had contacted the victim by phone and asked for a ride. “When [the victim] got to the location Mr. Garner was there with another unknown male,” Mosely reported. The victim told Garner he did not have room in the vehicle for an additional passenger. “At that time Mr. Garner opened up the rear driver’s side door, got inside the vehicle and point a gun to [the victim’s] head,” Mosely stated. “Mr. Garner said ‘give me your money or whatever you got or I am going to shoot you.’” The deputy reported that the unidentified man who accompanied Garner to the pickup location “attempted to open the driver’s door but [the victim] drove off.” While the vehicle was moving Garner allegedly struck the victim “in the back and side of his head with the gun,” Mosely stated. “Mr. Garner pulled the slide back on the gun and said, ‘I got one in the chamber.’ ” The victim then stopped the vehicle and jumped out of it. When Garner crawled from the back seat to the front seat the female passenger removed the keys from the ignition. Garner then exited the vehicle and the male victim began striking him. “The gun fell to the ground,” Mosely stated. “Mr. Garner picked the gun back up and ran down Golden West Way on foot.”

Mosely stated in the court summary that he obtained statements from five witnesses and the two adult victims, all corroborating the details of the incident.

A status conference on the state’s charges against Garner is tentatively scheduled for Dec. 21.

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