animal cruelty
animal cruelty

CLINTON, Md. — On June 16th, the Prince George’s County Animal Control, along with an officer from the Prince George’s County Police Department, arrived at Taylormade K9s, an unlicensed dog kennel in Clinton, Maryland. They came with a warrant to search the property on suspicion of animal cruelty and theft. 

What they found shocked many of them.

The team rescued 21 starving and abused dogs from the kennel. 

One of the customers at the kennel, Tracy Sellmon, told ABC News that her dog “could barely hold his head up. He couldn’t even open his eyes. I almost passed out. It was that bad.”

Her dog Major was healthy and happy when she left him at the kennel while she dealt with several personal issues. 

When he was taken out of the kennel and put in an animal hospital he barely had a pulse and was emaciated.

The kennel’s owner Tristian Taylor posted an apology on Instagram where he blamed his kennel technician for the incident. 

He is facing charges of criminal animal cruelty and theft.

Prince George’s County representatives are currently looking for foster homes for the rescued animals. 

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  1. So wrong these animals have feelings just like humans It breaks my heart to read this .I hope they face jail time My heart 💜 goes out to these dogs.So wrong disgusting.Put the people in the kennel and do the same to them.I hope they are punished to the extreme.

  2. This is absolutely horrific and those involved must be severely punished and that means jail time, huge fines and banned from ever having animals or even being around them. I hope all the animals recover from their horrific abuse and torture by these monstsers.

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