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SOLOMONS, Md. — After the auction was previously held up with bankruptcy filings, Stoney’s Kingfisher Seafood Bar & Grill and its companion restaurant Stoney’s Seafood House reportedly sold at auction for $1.8 million and $1.6 million, respectively.

A representative from the auction house, Alex Cooper Auctioneers, recently told the Baltimore Business Journal that the buyer of the Broomes Island location was a “local group,” and that the Solomons location was bought by people “not from the area.”

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Stoney’s Kingfishers is roughly 4,800-square-feet and rests atop a 0.25-acre waterfront lot on the Patuxent River. Additionally, the restaurant has panoramic views and several boat slips.

The Broomes Island location had been temporarily closed, but it also has some pleasant features. The restaurant is roughly 6,200-square-feet and features a 300-seat restaurant that has been serving the community for over 20 years. The property also shares 1.34 acres of waterfront property with an adjacent bed-and-breakfast. There is also a 5,000 square-foot wedding venue next door.

Let us know what you hope happens with the restaurants under new ownership!

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    1. Sounds good to me, hopefully they’ll do something besides poorly cooked seafood with French Fries and coleslaw.

  1. The original building goes back into the early forties or late thirties. My uncle’s parents owned it and the restaurant was called Sadie’s. The oyster house was owned by my great grandfather.

    I would like to see it reopened as a restaurant affordable to families.

      1. Opps… The issues happened under Trump.. It’s being brought back to life under Biden… That said, this has nothing to do with either president.

        1. Yeah… neither of you make any good points. Years of overpriced, mediocre seafood was the demise and someone else bought the properties at auction… please educate me on how Trump or Biden have anything to do with it good or bad 🤔

        1. I actually thought I was going to read a thread without moronic political comments about Trump and the fantastic economy he created. That’s enough time out from under your rock!

  2. I hope they totally clean the Solomon’s restaurant if they do something with it it was a total dump

  3. Wait and see…lots of people come from somewhere else because they love the water, the food and open minded Southern MD friendly folks.

  4. I would love to see some more variety of seafood. The whole point of eating on the water is to have seafood, but with all the others making the same meals it would be nice to see someone take new chances/spins on our favorite seafood.

  5. I am looking forward to incredible and delicious meals at each location. I hope the Solomons location continues to serve that wonderful chicken caprese dish. Both properties have stunning locations. It was always so disappointing that the quality of the food never matched the beautiful settings, and the menus were pretty much the same at every restaurant included in this monopoly. I am pleased to see that both restaurants were bought by different groups. I am hoping this will provide a variety of delicious new recipes and creativity to the area.

  6. It was only a matter of time before these subpar spots closed. Unfortunately, there were too many people loyal to the brand that kept them in business. The Broomes Island spot is surrounded by a great place to walk around and watch the happenings on the river. I hope that someone that really cares about preserving the beauty while providing some quality food is taking over. I don’t have a problem paying a bit more if it is good food, but Stoney’s had mostly pedestrian dishes that you could get many other places in the area for less. I’ll stick with Jerry’s until something else proves worthy.

  7. Oooooooo, dem outsiders a’comin’. Grab ur shotgun and head fir dem hills.

    Perhaps outsiders know how to run a restaurant better than any of our insiders. I can’t think of but one or two local establishments that I’d give more then two stars.

    1. We don’t eat out much and are always open to decent places to try on the few occasions that we actually do go out to eat. The places that we’ve really liked over the past two decades have always ended up going seriously downhill and we end up sticking with an easy choice…like Brick.

      So, out of curiosity, what two local establishments do you consider above two stars?

  8. Would love to see a restaurant similar to “Yellow Fin” inEdgewater, and or like Pirates Cove” in Galesville, Md. Both have been operating for years and have excellent owners and management! We don’t have enough sit-down GOOD restaurants in our area. Hope this helps to get some interest stirred!

  9. If they have deep pockets and know what they’re doing, it could be good for everybody. There’s plenty of money in SOMD for somebody local to buy it. They just weren’t interested enough to invest in their own back yard.

  10. My opinion being in Calvert County since 1968 either restaurant will be a great for the county during spring summer and fall regardless of who the new owners are because folks come from all over to visit our county and they enjoy all of our restaurants.

  11. You can tell this was an outsider that bought the restaurant because they came here and paid cash for it.

    If it were Phil and Jeanie stone looking to buy a property, it would mysteriously burn down first, that way they could buy it for some pocket lint and a bubblegum wrapper.

    And I pity whoever bought the Solomons location. The septic system leeches into the harbor. Worst kept secret on the island. But when you’re one of the county’s most morally dubious characters, you can always pay some member of the Stinnet family to look the other way.

  12. So sad to see them leave the “family”. The Stoney’s group of restaurants has become such a staple in the Calvert County community, and more recently in St. Mary’s at Clarkes Landing. I hope this isn’t the beginning of more changing ownership.

  13. I worked at Stoneys BI back in the 90’s for a few years and it was a great place to bring the family for an awesome crab cake. The view was beautiful and a relaxing atmosphere. Then they expanded to the PF location. Not what I would have done, but I wasn’t the owner. Then they opened more locations. Too many for a small county in my opinion with a lot of overhead. Sometimes it’s best to stay small and local. To me they were the best crab cakes in the mid Atlantic region. Been a lot of different places all over the area and nothing was as good as a Stoneys’ cc! People from out of state drove to have a cc and relax on Island creek. Now I make my own at home and they’re pretty close to Stoneys’ bc I found out the secret recipe!

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