Here are the articles that we covered in this week’s episode.

Former Calvert High School, Youth Football Coach Pleads Guilty To Federal Charges For Production Of Child Pornography

Local Delegate Facing Home Invasion And Assault Charges

Police Arrest Man Armed With Machete Who Threatened Parishioners At Church, Used Racial Epithets

Anne Arundel Jury Finds Man Criminally Responsible For Murder Of 5-Year-Old Sister

Two Suspects Arrested In Connection With Armed Carjacking; Five Firearms Recovered

Lexington Park Woman Celebrates 100th Birthday

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  1. she came into the world [Ms. 100} when we were still on US notes as the curency and gold & silver were still currency. She came into the world when the ice man still made deliveries [whats an iceman?] & when phone #s started with a word\ with 2 letters. Quite a different world than is now.

  2. 100 years ago, you could effortlessly buy a gun. It was considered the 2nd Amendment. You could go into somewhere that had them & if you were 18, at least in some places, you could just get 1 & you didn’t have a bunch of paperwork to fill- out, no one had to be there with you. There wasn’t a lot of drama. Maybe in some parts of the world, you still can. Under 18, too.

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