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GREENBELT, Md. – Maryland State Prosecutor Charlton T. Howard, III announced today that a criminal information has been filed in the Circuit Court for Anne Arundel County, Maryland, charging Alexandra Gilbreath, the Treasurer for the political committee “Team 30 Slate,” with felony theft scheme, embezzlement, perjury, and failing to file campaign finance reports. 

The “Team 30 Slate” raised money and donated to the campaigns of a number of candidates in the Anne Arundel County area.  The filed charges allege that from October 10, 2018 through and including January 2, 2019, Ms. Gilbreath transferred approximately $4,321.21 from the “Team 30 Slate” bank account to her personal Venmo account, which she in turn used to pay for personal expenses. Additionally, the charges allege that Ms. Gilbreath failed to report the Venmo transactions, cash withdrawals, and additional transactions on campaign finance reports, which were filed by her under penalties of perjury. 

“Transparency and accountability are essential to ensure the fairness of our elections,” said State Prosecutor Howard. “Our Office strives to hold individuals who are in positions of public trust in the electoral process responsible when they violate that trust.”

All individuals who are charged with a criminal offense are presumed to be innocent.

A copy of the charging document can be found on the Office of the State Prosecutor website, osp.maryland.gov. 

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    1. You may need to do more research. I think both sides have people who choose to embezzle…Richard Kofoed and Duncan Hunter for example. I think that anyone engaged should be prosecuted.

      Maybe its time to stop the stupid division in this country bolstered by fringe groups. If you bought a flag, sticker, or clothing with some snarky comment, you have been duped out of your money. Most who display these items are just mad, they don’t know really why but they want someone to blame. So let us argue facts not just whip out a slogan. Let us understand the problem and its root cause before we solve it.

      1. “Let us understand the problem and its root cause before we solve it.”
        Understand this: Joe Biden is the President, he has ruined the Country and the economy and is now trying to eliminate free speech.

        1. You can’t give sleepy Joe the credit for this destructive administration. It’s all Barrack Obama and Soros . Fact !

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