Image from the National Archives web site

Houston, Texas – Former U.S. President George H.W. Bush died late Friday night at his home, family members reported. Bush, who had served as Ronald Reagan’s vice president, was elected the country’s 41st president in 1988. He served one term. During his term the U.S. was victorious in the military conflict known as Desert Storm and the world witnessed the collapse of the Soviet Union. President Bush signed a landmark measure, the Americans with Disabilities Act, into law.

Prior to entering politics, Bush served in World War II and was businessman. 

Last night, President Donald Trump stated that as president, Bush “inspired generations of his fellow Americans to public service, to be, in his words, ‘a thousand points of light,’ illuminating the greatness, hope and opportunity of America to the world.”

Among his four surviving children is another former president, George W. Bush, who called his father “a man of highest character.”  

Earlier this year, former First Lady Barbara Bush died. The couple was married for 73 years.