Today, House Republicans re-elected Delegate George C. Edwards (District 1A, Garrett and Allegany Counties) as Minority Leader and Delegate Anthony J. O’Donnell (District 29C, Calvert and St. Mary’s Counties) as Minority Whip, by unanimous acclamation.

“This leadership team has brought the caucus to new levels of unity and cooperation. We have been able to support both Governor Ehrlich and each other in furthering our legislative and policy agenda.” said Delegate Christopher Shank (District 2B), after nominating the incumbents for re-election.

The nomination of Delegates Edwards and O’Donnell was seconded by Delegate Adelaide Eckardt (District 37B), and the motion to close nominations and affirm the nomination by unanimous consent was made by Delegate Richard Weldon (District 3B).

The caucus membership is eager to begin the 2006 legislative session, unified and united behind their leadership. They are anticipating further opportunities to stand behind Governor Ehrlich’s agenda and to continue to act on behalf of the citizens of Maryland. 

“We are pleased that the caucus has chosen to re-elect us, and are eager to move forward to the 2006 legislative session. The results of this year’s session will be pivotal in the November elections and we are focused on achieving our goals.” said Delegate Edwards.

“Delegate Edwards and I are looking forward to continuing the success of the past few years. We are ready to take on the challenges of the upcoming session and to work together for the people of Maryland.” responded Delegate O’Donnell.

Delegates Edwards and O’Donnell were first elected to Republican leadership in June of 2003. Delegate Edwards has served in the House of Delegates since 1983, and Delegate O’Donnell since 1995.