Dimitri Paul Brooks Lexington Park Man Arrested And Released After Search Warrant Yields Fentanyl, Cocaine And Illegal Firearm
Dimitri Paul Brooks

LEXINGTON PARK, Md. – On Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2023, detectives from the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office Vice/Narcotics Unit, with the assistance of the Patrol Division, Emergency Services Team and K-9 Unit, executed search and seizure warrants at the 46000 block of Sue Drive in Lexington Park, as part of an ongoing narcotics distribution investigation.

The residence has been identified as being occupied and used as a CDS distribution location by Dimitri Paul Brooks, age 27 of Lexington Park.

A search of Brooks’ residence located a significant quantity of crack cocaine, a quantity of Fentanyl, a loaded Ruger Security 9-mm handgun, US currency, a digital scale and various packing/production materials.

Lexington Park Man Arrested And Released After Search Warrant Yields Fentanyl, Cocaine And Illegal Firearm

Brooks is prohibited from possessing a firearm due to previous criminal convictions.

Brooks was located in the area and taken into custody without incident.

Brooks was served with multiple outstanding arrest warrants for failure to appear on CDS Possession and Violation of a Protective Order and also charged with: CDS Possession with Intent to Distribute Narcotics; Possession of a Firearm with Nexus to Drug Trafficking Crime; CDS Possession: Not Cannabis; Illegal Possession of a Regulated Firearm and Illegal Possession of Ammo.

Brooks was transported to the St. Mary’s County Detention and Rehabilitation Center in Leonardtown, where he was released by a court commissioner on personal bond on Feb. 1. 

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  1. Why are people like this not locked. He was released on a personal bond. As if he was an upstanding citizen. GIVE ME A BREAK

  2. With those charges!! Give me a break!! Court commissioner needs to be given an “Emergency Evaluation”. Or removed from the position. There is no way this person should have been released on the law-abiding citizens of St. Mary’s County. This arrest proves that LEO’S are good at catching criminals. Jaymie Sterling, you need to do something about this and not plea bargain this to spitting on the sidewalk. Whatever Judge hears this, ensure a fair trial and then when/if the accused is found guilty, put some teeth into the sentence.

  3. 1. Liberals, see how well criminals follow gun laws? Much less laws in general?

    2. Why are we letting this poison spreader back out onto the streets?

  4. It’s time for the media to start naming names. Who are the judges and commissioners that are responsible for coddling criminals on bond or no bond, stet docket, suspended sentences, and probation? If we knew their names it would be easy to find out who the bad apple “authorities” are. I guess that’s why we don’t know.

  5. And our new ill-informed governor is calling for stricter gun laws! Hay Wes? How about we enforce the laws we have now.

  6. and my husband got a seat belt ticket for driving 50 feet on a public road for $83.00. Sounds fair to me.

  7. Anyone peddling Fentanyl should not be released back into society. Proven fact…..that stuff kills! What don’t the court commissioners understand about that. Get and keep them kind off our streets!

  8. What is wrong with our judicial system, out on personal bond, seriously, name the commissioners so
    we can vote them out.

  9. Ask the States Attorney
    Something tells me the commissioners aren’t going to release a suspect with those charges.
    They would at least want them to show up in court for their arraignment and let a judge deal with it

  10. Absolutely unacceptable. Our system has become too weak, and makes decisions based on public opinion instead of decisions that keep our community safe. He’s already had a warrant for failure to appear and is not allowed to possess a firearm yet you send him back out. The other big kicker is the fact he was distributing fentanyl, a drug that is far more potent, lethal, and is destabilizing our society quicker than any other drug. We have a lot of very painful days ahead if we don’t course correcr as a society.

  11. Wonder if an attorney from Jaymi Sterling’s Office was present when the Commissioner made their decision to release? If they were not, can’t lay all the blame on the Commissioner.

  12. So , If this fine citizen sells fentanyl to someone that dies from OD, or shoots and kills someone can we send the Moran that released him to jail to?

  13. He either has a good lawyer or being that he is a drug dealer I’m sure that his bond was pretty high. High as in most ppl couldn’t afford to pay that bond and be released . This man could. No way he walker out of that jail without paying a VERY large bail amount. Either that or he could be talking to someone on the inside. Usually if you have so many FTAs, they won’t allow any type of bond. This dude had multiple warrante including a FTA, pretty serious drug charges AND he was in possession of a hand gun when he’s not supposed to have one..hmmm. somethin ain’t right here. I’ve paid a $10,000 bond before just to get out on some petty charges. This is crazy to me. I’d like to know how much his bond was… that would give us a little more to go off of because I promise yall that homeboy didn’t walk out of there on no low bond. He paid his way out..

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