Pet Of The Week - Zeyda
Pet Of The Week - Zeyda

Zeyda is all around a unique pup. She looks a bit different than most rottweilers because she has a skin condition called vitiligo that causes white pigmentation on her skin and some areas of her fur.

Not only are her markings unique, but so is her personality. She has A LOT of it! Zeyda seems to make friends with new people quickly. If you show her some attention, she will not go away and will forget her size as she crawls into your lap. Zeyda is also an intelligent girl that knows how to sit, lay down, give paw/shake, come and “no.”

Due to Zeyda’s history of reactivity toward other animals, including dogs, she must go to a home with no other animals.

It is highly recommended that if you consider adopting Zeyda, you do thorough research on the rottweiler breed!

If you are interested in meeting Kelly or any of the many adoptable animals at the Linda L. Kelley Animal Shelter please call (410) 535-7387!

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