Thinking of renovating your bathroom? Before you begin the first steps, take the pulse of the latest trends! Open shower, sober and pale tile to bring out the wooden cabinets, Italian fittings and more… We have compiled for you what we’ve seen of the latest design trends with our customers as 2018 approaches.

A bathroom that grows

Nowadays, the bathroom is not only used for hygiene, it’s also a space for relaxation and beauty where you want to feel comfortable and fresh. We need space. If you can, the bathroom can be expanded by taking up space from another room (for example, an unused wardrobe), the washer/dryer is moved elsewhere in the house, the bathroom is relocated to a larger room, or expanded outwards where possible.

Otherwise, we play on appearances by opting, for example, for a floor with big tiles. In addition to giving an illusion of size, large tiles reduce the number of joints and accumulate less dust. Just like that, we kill two birds with one stone and how amazing is that?

Numerous and practical storage

We can multiply the storage space and try to optimize what is available. The compartments in drawers, cabinets, and shelves are more sought after than ever and are part of a well thought out bathroom. Hiding the storage is also a good tip to create an impression of space. The cleaner the space is, the bigger it appears. Inspired by the functional architecture, we opt for modular furniture with simple and straight shapes and decorate sparingly. Self-supporting vanities (without legs) are always very trendy.

Tip: One or two nice bottles of well-placed perfumes or cosmetics are perfect for adding a refined touch!

Stylish style with a touch of originality

The purified styles are always popular, but we try to make the contemporary bathrooms a little warmer. White, gray and earth colors are always present, but you can always be more daring with colorful patterns, especially in the tiles.

Tip: Recovered wood cut into different sized circular shapes installed on one wall is a great way to add a natural touch and originality to the decor. There are also wallpapers imitating this look for the less adventurous that will create a similar effect.

Ceramics and marble, the beloved

Ceramics, ceramics and even ceramics… Ceramic tiles are popular for showers and floors, including porcelain. New designs opt for various geometric patterns in uniform, tone on tone or multicolored, and even patchwork patterns. There are ceramics on the market that imitate higher-end materials like wood and marble or even concrete.

Apart from ceramics, natural stones are preferred, such as quartz and marble.

Yes, we can break the monotony a little!

One can play with patterns on the floor and walls, and be original by breaking linearity in the furnishings. Asymmetrical shapes are prolific in the arrangement of cabinets, drawers, and shelves. Be careful, however, not to commit to this style emphatically so as not to get bored too quickly. Play with easy-to-replace accessories!

Practical Showers

For the shower, several options are being implemented, but there is more and more demand for the open shower and, especially, renovator tends toward the multi-functional equipped shower: integration of a bench, a steam system, ambient mirror, anti-fog mirror or linear drain, etc. We think of storage by adding shelves or crevices to hold shampoo, shower gel and soap handy. There are even soap and gel distributors, such as those in hotel rooms, that can be installed on the wall to save space and which turns out to be an eco-friendly choice when buying bulk products to fill them.

The Italian shower is always a popular choice with its glass walls which give a minimalist appearance while transparent. In addition to being easy to maintain, it allows you to save space and adapts to all styles of decors.
modern bathroom

Baths for relaxation enthusiasts

After receiving less focus compared to that of the shower in the last few years, the bath has come back stronger by being more beautiful, more comfortable and offering more space for ultimate relaxation.

The freestanding bathtub is still popular while the island bath is gaining popularity with its sophisticated look with graphic and architectural looks. It is found in a multitude of shapes: square, oval, round, asymmetrical or rectangular. To maximize the “wow” effect, it is installed in the center of the room which ideally requires a minimum dimension of 10m².

The industrial look

No need now to conceal the apparent piping of your bathroom, on the contrary, it’s rather emphasized to follow the current trend. To create a modern and elegant industrial decoration worthy of a New York loft, designers are embracing the unique and imperfect pieces such as the wash basins or a metal bathtub and adding walls of brick, floors of waxed concrete and finishing with a touch of rustic wood to warm the atmosphere.

The tech bathroom

As technology advances, the bathroom does not escape. For example, more and more mirrors with LED lighting and a valve with a motion detector or with a temperature regulator that customizes the parameters are being included with new renovations. The integration of customizable touch screens with mirrors is always gaining popularity with the more technologically-minded. Whether to control the lighting, to see the weather or simply to impress the guests, new options are constantly offered.

The towel dryer, with various designs, is more and more present and replaces the traditional radiator to save space. We prefer an installation above the bathtub for ease of access and to exploit a space that is often lost.
Small luxuries should never be neglected. Even if, as they say so well, the devil is in the details…

Wood always makes an appearance

Even though the wood is already very present in several other parts of the house due to the latest trends, it has not prevented it from making its way to the bathroom side this year. It gives a warm and natural atmosphere to the room by integrating into storage and made-to-measure pieces of furniture. Preferring the white for the wash basin to recreate a Scandinavian look of the clean design and sleek contrast.

And why not a hardwood floor? Combined with a modern bathroom, the wood brings a more classic side to the decor by balancing opposing styles. A multitude of types, grains, and finishes are available to meet the tastes of each. Contrary to what one might think, this material breathes very well and naturally absorbs moisture, making it a very popular option for the bathroom. However, it is necessary to wipe off the accumulation of water at the exit of the shower or the bath to avoid its deterioration over the long term.

Design possibilities as great as your imagination, and your budget!

The possibilities in the bathroom are almost unlimited. Have fun with trends and combine them to achieve the look you feel lights up the most. The role of the bathroom has evolved a lot and is now part of the most functional rooms of the house.