Darryl Carlton Parks Jr.
Darryl Carlton Parks Jr.

LEONARDTOWN, Md. – On Friday, March 24, 2023, the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division (CID) identified Darryl Carlton Parks Jr., age 29 of Washington, DC, as a suspect in the homicide of the victim, who was previously identified as 18-year-old Isaiah Alexander Woodland, a transgender woman whose first name is Tasiyah and is also known as Siyah. Later the same day, investigators obtained an arrest warrant for Parks in connection to this homicide.

On Tuesday, March 28, 2023, investigators with CID, along with the assistance of the Metropolitan Police Department’s Homicide Unit, located and apprehended Parks on the arrest warrant.

Parks was incarcerated and awaits extradition back to St. Mary’s County. Parks has been charged with the following Criminal Offenses:

First-Degree Murder
Second-Degree Murder
Firearm Use/Felony -Violent Crime
Two counts of Reckless Endangerment from Car
Illegal Possession of a Regulated Firearm

The Sheriff’s Office thanks the community for its assistance in this investigation and urges anyone with additional information to contact Deputy David Lawrence at 301-475-4200, ext. 78130 or email david.lawrence@stmaryscountymd.gov

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  1. How long is this going to be tolerated? He ended a life! Maybe it’s time to bring back the death penalty or build a wall at the DC line.

    1. Not sure if you understand the way things are now. Charles and Nothern St. Marys counties are what use to be DC. Very few bad neighborhoods in DC anymore. All the row housing and apartment projects that were once everywhere in DC have all been knocked down and replaced with luxury high rise apartments that start at 3 thousand a month for and 1 bedroom and new 3 level townhouses are were the row houses once were. I work in DC and you cant even recognize it compared to what it was in the 90s and early 2000s

      1. Not sure if you understand but humans have been murdering each other for as long as we have existed. We are simply more efficient at it now.

    2. If you’re going to build a wall then you need one around Lexington park, Waldorf, and pg county

    1. The victim was arrested as a car thief in November of last year so they were probably caught by the shooter attempting to steal the shooter’s car. Why wasn’t the vitim in jail instead of out on the street?

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