McKenzie Conner
McKenzie Conner

PRINCE FREDERICK, Md. – Calvert Education Association (CEA) is pleased to announce McKenzie Conner as our 2022 Scholarship recipient for future educators for $2000.  McKenzie started “teaching” at a young age with extra teacher worksheets and stuffed animals in her imaginary classroom.

This love of working with children grew as a first-grade teacher intern at Barstow Elementary. As a graduating senior at Calvert High School, she plans to attend the University of North Carolina- Wilmington.

“McKenzie has developed into a strong leader within the classroom and school community.” says her Teacher Academy of Maryland (TAM) teacher, Mrs. Cwalina. “She leads by example, and I have many students who look up to her and try to emulate her best qualities. She works hard on activities that are inclusive to all students and that help to create a positive environment and school culture. She has proven to be a determined and passionate student who works hard to achieve her goals.”

Her mentor teacher at Barstow Elementary, Mrs. Reeves, said the following, “Miss Conner is a remarkable person. Immediately, I knew teaching was her passion. After one day in the classroom, Miss Conner was right at home. Her teaching skills and her ability to connect with our students were instant. She was able to learn and grow as a teacher during her internship in first grade. Miss Conner planned lessons, taught lessons, and was flexible when plans changed. She is a dedicated teacher, and it truly shows through her teaching.”

McKenzie graduates with a 4.3 GPA while completing the rigorous TAM pathway. She is an accomplished student and volunteer who demonstrates the aptitude necessary to become a skilled educator.

With aspirations to become an elementary educator or child psychologist, we are confident McKenzie is committed to the betterment of children and are pleased to offer her our support.

The CEA scholarship committee selected McKenzie among many qualified candidates using the Calvert Local Scholarship Portal organized by the Concerned Black Women of Calvert County.

Students were required to complete the online registration and write an essay specific to CEA which included describing the personal impact and interest of a future in education.

McKenzie said in her application essay, “Whether it is molding the minds of future generations as a teacher or helping children through trauma as a psychologist, I know that my job will have an impact on the lives of kids.

As I journey into higher education, I know I will find my niche and put everything I have into the path and career that I choose.”

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