LA PLATA, Md. – The Education Association of Charles County would like to congratulate our entire slate of candidates who earned our endorsement for the 2022 Primary and General Elections locally, as well as our candidates for
state senate and state delegates. 

EACC’s endorsement process began in December with the publishing of our guidelines and the distribution of questionnaires to all candidates who were seeking our endorsement.

The details of the endorsement process include completing a candidate questionnaire for the appropriate office, participating in an interview with our interview teams for each district, and finally voting completed by our Representative Assembly which is our governing body and includes representation from each work site within the Charles County Public Schools. Candidates cannot earn our endorsement without participating in our process.

The endorsement process faced many challenges this year with the multiple moves of the filing deadline due to challenges to the legislative district maps at the state level. 

Additionally, legislation that passed last session changed the composition of the elected School Board from seven to ten members who are elected within their legislative district. 

Conversely, county commissioners are still elected at large and voted on by the entire registered voter population in Charles County.  This change and the difference between electing Board of Education members and County Commissioners will be instituted this year for the first time so it is extremely important for voters to educate themselves about the candidates who are running.

Educators do their homework, and our endorsements are reflective of the candidates’ views and how they align with the positions of the EACC on public education issues.

Congratulations to all our endorsed candidates.  To see the full list of all endorsed candidates, please go to

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