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LEXINGTON PARK, Md. – Ryan Gass is a honorably discharged U.S. Marine with five years of service, and is the Owner and Founder of Practical Training Professionals (PTP), which helps teach civilian firearm owners how to be safer and more effective.

Ryan was born and raised in St. Mary’s County. While enlisted in the Marines, Ryan received orders to Weapons Training Battalion East at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Ryan then served full-time on the rifle range training Marines and Sailors how to more effectively use their firearms.

After his time as an enlisted Marine ended, Ryan then started working in the security industry and started helping to train many of the security officers he worked with.

Ryan explained how that inspired him to start PTP.

“I enjoyed getting back into the training side of things, but gained a desire to do that full time and for a different audience… American civilians seeking to exercise their right,” Ryan told “No one was doing this full time, it was mostly part-timers conducting classes once or twice a month. I saw a need and decided to meet it, becoming a full-time entrepreneur on February 1, 2016, and I haven’t looked back.”

Credit: PTP Gun

After seven years of being a full-time training instructor, Ryan still has plenty of motivation to keep going.

“Look, it’s tiring work that never ends. There are no days off. There are no standard hours of operation. There are no cancellations because of rain or a little bit of snow. Sometimes I wonder, ‘am I making a difference?’ I work birthdays, holidays, and miss nearly every weekend with my kids,” says Ryan. “But I truly love this work. I love planning the training events. I love answering the phone to answer questions regarding one’s rights and how to help them better access/exercise them. I love talking with students at classes. I love learning from my students. And if you really want to see a sh**-eating grin on my face, see me on the range. I love finding that student whose target shows they need some help and turning their frustrating time on the range into one of joy because they now realize what they are capable of. That they can do it and this (whatever the helpful tip was) is how to get better.”

Ryan also talked about the many misconceptions that people may have when it comes to firearms training.

“So many people come to class thinking that they know the laws, only to find out it’s actually much different than what they heard at the bar or from their cop friend,” Ryan explained. “You don’t come to training because you know it all, you come because you want to learn and grow. To be better than you were before. And for those that are capable of being real… none of us know it all. I, even as an instructor, still attend many classes and events as a student. Do not know it all and never will, but I want to. I want to be more knowledgeable and capable not only for my own family’s defense but so that I can be a better instructor. Every class I teach, needs to be better than the last.”

PTP offers a variety of classes that can help anyone become more educated and comfortable when using a firearm. They offer classes such as women-only training options, their One-Stop-Shop training package, and application submission assistance.

PTP Instructors are certified to provide the training for MD HQL (to buy a handgun), as well as the Concealed* Carry Training for MD/DC/VA/FL/UT/AZ. PTP will also oftentimes bring in subject matter experts to conduct training for topics such as first aid, combat trauma, vehicle ambush tactics, red dot sights, and more.

“A lot of our most popular classes are a variation of our two day concealed handgun training. The first day is a lot of classroom time on the basics of how to use a handgun safely and effectively. We also go over the laws of what is legal to do, whether it be regarding what you can own, when/where/how you can carry, home defense, ect. We also show our students step by step exactly how to navigate the bureaucracy of purchasing your rights back via the various application processes,” Ryan explained. “The second day is a lot of hands-on: disassembly/reassembly of handguns, explaining various types or holsters as well as how to take them on and off. We also spend a large portion showing/practicing how to safely draw/reholster a handgun and incorporating drawing/reholstering with live fire exercises.”

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None of PTP’s courses are less than 16 hours total, and some of them go up to 32 hours. At the end of every course, there is a live fire qualification.

Outside of the knowledge and confidence to safely, legally, and effectively defend themselves, upon completion of certain courses, students oftentimes receive a certification that can be used towards purchasing back their rights that they are denied access to by various governmental jurisdictions.

Ryan also gave some pointers and tips on firearm training.

Credit: PTP Gun

“It doesn’t necessarily include always paying money for it. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go to the range. There are plenty of things you can do on your own schedule, in your own home. We put out a lot of such information in videos that can be found on our YouTube channel, Firearms Training,” says Ryan. “Don’t be nervous or afraid to train. Get out of your comfort zone a bit and come to class, we’d love to have you. You don’t need to bring anything other than yourself and a mindset ready to learn.”

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  1. I would not trust the guy who accidentally shot himself to teach me anything about firearms but that’s just me

    1. Lol, yeah… Let’s just overlook the reasons why he got fired from Security at Calvert Cliff’s… What a sham dude is pulling on ppl.

    2. Hmm funny how something like this was never in the news? You would think it would wouldn’t you? Sources please.

  2. Pretty sure you’re a slanderous fool, this instructor is awesome! Provide your source. I’m sure if that actually happened there would be an article not just jealous rumors.

  3. I’d go to Flat Broke Shooters for any firearms training. Clean, great facility, professional instructors. A great learning environment.

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