Tire Dumping

BALTIMORE, Md. – Maryland Attorney General Brian E. Frosh announced that Johnathan Emile Meadows, 40, of Riverdale, pleaded guilty in the Circuit Court for Prince George’s County to littering and illegal transportation of scrap tires. The Honorable Judge Karen H. Mason sentenced Meadows to one year incarceration all of which was suspended and three years probation. She ordered 100 hours community service and restitution in the amount of $17,916.

After receiving complaints of illegal scrap tire dumping from the owner of a commercial property in Upper Marlboro, the Environmental Crimes Unit of the Attorney General’s Office installed surveillance equipment in the secluded area in September of 2020. Over the course of three weeks the equipment captured four separate instances of Meadows pulling into the location using a rented box truck and throwing scrap tires into the woods and ravine. 

“Meadows chose to ignore the law in favor of illegally pocketing a few bucks,” said Attorney General Frosh. “Illegal dumping of scrap tires harms the surrounding environment and creates an ideal habitat for mosquitoes. It is a nasty business.”

Maryland law requires that scrap tires be lawfully disposed of at a licensed scrap tires acceptance facility. Commercial businesses disposing of scrap tires must use a licensed scrap tire hauler. Often, illegal haulers will collect scrap tires for minimal fees and dispose of the tires illegally, rather than pay for proper disposal. Scrap tires provide breeding grounds for mosquitos, present fire hazards and can cause both air and water pollution.

Attorney General Frosh thanked Environmental Crimes Chief Investigator Thomas Waugh and Assistant Attorney General Kory H. Lemmert, for their hard work on this case, and the Prince George’s County State’s Attorney’s Office for its assistance and support.

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  1. “Illegal dumping of scrap tires harms the surrounding environment and creates an ideal habitat for mosquitoes.”

    And those small, shallow, un-aerated stormwater management/retention ponds on every other new business site aren’t?

  2. Yes they catch rainwater and breed lots and lots of mosquito. He created a public health hazard. Make him clean all those tires up. And fine him more than 17 grand, not nearly enough.

  3. Thankfully this environmental criminal was caught & fined. Unfortunately there are likely hundreds more doing the same thing or worse throughout Prince George’s County. Littering fines need to be enforced.

  4. We have the same problem on Fox Run Drive, Clinton, Md Prince George’s County. We were told it’s outside of the County’s Easement, and it’s not there responsibility to remove dumping on private property. Dumping is a major problem throughout Prince George’s County. The tire dumping person that was caught did he dump the tires on private property. If so, who do you call to look into our problems on Fox Run Drive.

  5. This awesome, it’s a big problem with People just dumping all kind of stuff along the roads and streets. Thank you sooo much for sharing

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